A drunk villager attempts to shout out a warning to Mak but is forced down and hushed by her son. The Times of India. The preceptor leads him to a cave where Buddha images are installed and instructs him to stay there and meditate in order to calm himself down and realise the wrong he has done. Setelah mengatasi keributan, polisi pun teringat pada Pink dan kembali kepadanya, namun polisi itu sangat terkejut terhadap kondisi Pink. His friends, seeing them reuniting, also tearfully reaffirm their friendship, and vow to never leave each other again. Disaat siswa-siswi lain sibuk dengan mayat Ngid, geng itu pun membawa Chieko keapartemennya, tetapi terlambat.

And, when I work on any character, I work very independently on it. Suatu hari, gengnya kecuali Pink dan Chieko, anggota lain, dilaporkan oleh seorang siswa nerd bernama Ngid karena ketahuan sedang menghisap ganja. Watching her on the screen as emotions flash across her visage is an unalloyed delight. The Times of India. On this, the director Kriplani replied, “As an audience it was a fun movie and I really enjoyed but I understand why people compare Phobia with Kaun because both are psychological thriller and both have a girl trapped in the house. Retrieved 30 May Mak’s friends’ attempt to separate the two by kidnapping Mak, but their plans are foiled when Nak discovers them and chases them away. Body is a twisted tale about Chon Arak Amornsupasiri who is constantly visited by a ghostly apparition.

Pin tambah terkejut ketika pria itu bilang akan datang. Handphone yang tadinya mati itu hidup kembali, dan layarnya menampilkan wajah Pin dan pria itu, karena keduanya yang sama-sama kesepian telah bersama selamanya. At the temple, Phbia witnesses an annual ceremony of feeding the ghost being punished for its sinful deeds. In addition, she says that he scares the viewers to make them jump out of their seats and intrigues them enough to make them stay till the end.

He then throws rocks at it but the rocks come back to him and hit him at his face that he becomes severely disfigured. A drunk villager attempts to shout out a warning to Mak but is forced down and hushed by her son.


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Daily News and Analysis. What was supposed to be an ordinary flight turns into something tragic when the princess forms an allergic reaction to Pim’s lunch sjnopsis it contains shrimp to which the princess is allergic to.

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Thailand memang jagonya bikin film horror. Shin then finds Aey’s body. Views Read Edit View history. She was in close contact with psychiatrists and neurosurgeons in order pnobia understand the mental and biological aspect of a phobia.

Film Horor Thai Terseram

He is moved from the emergency room into a shared room, where he meets an old shaman in a coma who has been waiting for almost a month for his family to decide to pull the plug on his life support. Aey pun muncul, dan Ter mengangkat mayat itu kepada Aey. Nuch gets locked in a car and witnesses how phhobia victim got burnt to death in the car during an accident.

As it is now too dark to continue traveling, Mak’s friends decide to stay. Di Inggris, film ini dirilis langsung ke video pada 10 Mei Forum bagi Kaskuser untuk berbagi gosip, gambar, foto, dan video yang seru, lucu, serta hortor.

She had a quite lot of material to read and lot of material to watch. Views Read Edit View history. Every night, Pin exchanges text messages with a stranger, who asks to befriend her and seems friendly enough.

The Japanese girl shoots Joi dead when he tries to unsuccessfully convince her to abandon the boy due to a phoiba barrier. Flight attendant Pim is secretly having an affair with Prince Albert of Virnistan. Pria itu pun minta Horrorr mengirimkan fotonya, dan Pin meminta sebaliknya.

His friends express surprise at how slowly it has healed, but Shin and Ter become convinced that he, not Nak, is the ghost, and their fears are seemingly confirmed when Mak reacts in pain when they attack him with holy rice. Arriving at a market, the Japanese girl tries to shoot the boy while he sleeps, but he suddenly wakes up and kills her before running towards the market maniacally. hhorror


As Arthit is leaving on a wheelchair pushed forwards by the old man’s family, the old man’s students, amongst whom are the aged nurse and some other hospital staff members, bow to Arthit.

When Mak and his friends arrive back in Phra Khanong in the evening, they find the town completely silent. Gak kalah dibandingkan film horror made in Indonesia. Wow, ane belum pernah liat itu film The next day, when they are swimming in the river, Aey drowns and cannot be located. Geng itu pun sedih karena salah satu anggotanya meninggal, tetapi salah satu anggota lain melihat kertas yang menyebabkan kutukan itu, dan ia pun meninggal karena tertimpa AC dan meledak.

Download di Play Store. A nerdy student named Ngid sees his school friends take some drugs, and he is beaten to death. The five soon arrive at Mak and Nak’s house during the night, and Mak introduces Nak to them. Apte said that she had done lots of preparation to get to the core of the character for the film.

The doctor diagnoses it as colic but the baby does not stop crying even after six months. A ghostly face is slightly visible next to Pin’s smiling face. Retrieved from ” https: The concept and climax of the film is partially inspired from Hollywood film Visions and a little known Spanish film At the end of Spectra The villagers who try to warn Mak that he is actually living with a ghost die horrible deaths.