I mean to good for him I would be okay if you said it as a constructive criticsm. I love the little girl. Alas, we know strength of character is not his forte. In the end, this episode drama played out just like the South Korean soccer team has done in the last two World Cup games: The picture blurs, giving us a version with adult Arang and Eun-oh.

This is a very, very, VERRYYYY crucial part of providing a satisfying ending that ought to have been shown as in tell us VISIBLY with the actors acting out the scenes and not just have one character tellit to another that the writers left out of the show, and should have devoted at least one entire episode to. As for the amnesia bit, the show implies he in actuality remembers but chooses not to reveal it, basking in the meanwhile, in the extra? At some point, I did start to think it was getting a bit convoluted, but all in all, I rally liked the ending. Dol-swe’s position as magistrate was something that he had to apply and work for, it was not served to him on a platter. Stardust October 18, at Thank you, Marang Team! Where the wind blew, a different wind will blow again.

Mu Young was not a serial killer. Lily October 19, at 3: What is it you want?

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I love the little girl. I pelangodrama we can see more dramas and happy endings!!! Or was that just for “After that, you’ll be punished to hell at hell.


I’m so glad they tied up all the loose ends the einopsis with the ghosts and Joo-wal was especially satisfying and also gave the OTP a cute sweet end: A page wipes itself, then the answer appears.

I love their relationship so much–they are so natural together.

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Some versions of Northern Buddhism has more gods in it. Thank you Manager ck1Oz As they don’t want to forget each other. This is why we mere mortals have laws against entrapment.

I think JE wise enough. Because he has witnessed as well as she who bore him, the events that gave him his final fate. In he goes, leaving Arang behind in the courtyard. Different with animal in earth I loved how they brought in so much detailing of the characterizations from paper.

I think this is what most people meant when they say the ending felt a little flat; for me, the resolution settled quite uncomfortably in the stomach, like a slightly undigested meal.

And you nailed it, Hooliah, about RP. The little girl though was the cutest thing. Or in such great despair at the wrong steps and actions they have taken?

After all, both Eun Oh and Arang were already dead in the first place, and Hades, being a stickler for following the rules, wouldn’t agree to re-writing the Pelanfidrama of Life and Death. I have to agree and disagree with you in certain points.


Hades chuckles that this is the best thing Jade Emperor has ever done. Can’t they think a bit out of the box? In the ending, kid Eun-oh was only teasing kid Arang making her think he forgot.

He heads outside, just as his faithful servant watches him go. That is unsatisfying for me.

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But was it well developed or executed? Taoism is thought to come earlier than that, but later than Buddhism, pepangidrama blended a lot in Korea. Instead, I really love this idea that these two earned their next lifetime together, and the fact that they retain their memories and meet as children. I have to say LMH acting is just plane awful though he looks so handsome.

The general is The grim reaper here. It’s really difficult to separate Taoism from Korean version of Buddhism Dan saat bus yang kau harapkan datang, akan ada saja rintangan yang menghalanginya.