I installed myself may be the reason. I had these windows installed when we built our home in , not sure what series. I was looking at using the Anderson series, but several reviews stated if you have moisture issues it can effect the wood on the inside which could cause issues down the road. The installation was flawless and the product design and construction quality is excellent. Also, my installer was very competent, which I am sure was advantageous. I installed 20 series in on my custom built home and then 6 more arched top windows in on a a Florida room addition.

If you could send over a picture of the window and a letter or something official from them I could write up a post about it. Our builder has installed Anderson Silver Line windows in our homes and the method they used for installation baffled my husband and I. You are right that most of the time commenters are either thrilled or unhappy. Living in the Southeast on a shady lot, I open most of them frequently for fresh air. These windows are vinyl. It has been five years now, and so far all the windows have performed well. If yes what model?

I think you may find there is a better value in the market than the windows you mentioned. The representative from Silverline did blame si,verline builder. Any guidance on how to protect ourselves with contract language? You can also subscribe without commenting. Wait, I thought these were energy saving windows?

They produce low end vinyl windows that are not real competitors to wood window products.

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They will replace the window but, you must pay for the installation. You can definitely call Andersen and ask them questions. But as with any product proper installation wndow the key.


Noooo, we just built our home this past fall, in less than a month these silver line windows have been major headaches from the installment to the actual product, these windows suck and now we have to retain an attorney to invoke our warranty against the builder who I pray karma gets him back. If yes what model? I now have 15 windows to replace because I made a bad choice to start with. Don’t subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

I was told that acid rain is what caused my patio door seal to fail that or the fog in the area the window or should I say the door is only 8 years old.

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I got these windows in and now need to replace them, a window should last more than 15 years. Upon investigating swollen drywall under window during interior painting a leak was found. The installer can be cheaper, but you get a lot less.

There are plenty of fish in the sea. Just beware when the seals all start to break and your beautiful view is all fogged up. A little goo gone or citrus based adhesive remover will probably do the trick. My husband installed 27 silveline windows in our home 8 years ago. Who is the best window company in your town? Between 2 pieces of glass there is rust but it was caused by the air we breath? In the meantime you can find the best window reviews online right here and you can also learn about common window sales tactics here.

I opted for Anderson series. You might see if you can order a full screen to cover the window. I am just outside of my 10 warranty. After installation, all windows should be open and closed a few times to verify proper operation. We were shown Silverline windows, new construction the V3 series. They have been a continuous problem.


You are right that most of the time commenters are either thrilled or unhappy. The screens, clearly were a poor product.

I have never had issues with screen tabs. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It was nice talking to you earlier. My advice is to get windows that are Energy Star rated at a minimum. After reading all these reviews I am worried that I made the wrong choice and that I should had paid the extra money on new windows. So, that is why we are leaning towards Silverline series. Had 44 Silverline windows installednew construction.

We just got 20 windows and French doors for our new construction hone.

Would like to get your feedback on this and if you think the is a good choice for a rental property. The builder was going to install silver line windows. Hopefully the builder is able to help! We are the original owners and have lived here alittle over 30 years. We have the casement version of these windows.

I have used numerous brands of windows usually at customer request. Does anyone have any suggestion as to how to do that?