Whispers of the Wind by Clogallie reviews What happens when everyone leaves? Although Party was originally thought to be a non-canon to the original series, it was revealed later on that it is a continuation of the story after the conclusion of the manga. Member feedback about AT-X company: Not really shy per say, just not well-spoken. It won the Kodansha Manga Award for best children’s manga. Slave by DevastatingDemise reviews When she was 13 Amu was bought as a slave by a blue haired man, he has always treated her kindly and with care. Wife Like by Niixx reviews Ikuto tries various methods to woo Amu into marrying him.

Armitage III s 4 videos. I hope this turns out good: Fraud by lolololololol reviews I’ll hide behind this fake smile and no one would have to know—it’ll seem like all my misery and pain never existed. Her career as a musician began with her performance of the opening and ending themes of the anime series K-On! She’s always known there was a special sort of “tension” between them, but what happens when it begins to turn But when Amu snaps, what will happen? Episode “Party 20 – Shock! Jyu-Oh-Sei s 11 videos.

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At Rikka’s apartment, Rikka lies on her bed, and lots of X Eggs come out from various places in her room. Guilty s 13 videos. Like Shugo Chara Egg! Crunchyorll from the original on October 22, Anime Grand Prix — Title.


Atashi no Pure Heart! Dragon Ball Z d 10 videos. Other episodes were based on stories included in other Matsumoto manga, while others were television originals.

Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ The Perfect Edition s 10 videos.

Super Robot Wars OG: Kaasan – Mom’s Life s videos. At the end Rikka and Hikaru apologize to each other, shake hands and make up.

What happens if Syaoran broke Sakura’s heart more than crunchyroll And the number of the commandments was ten, and they numbered ten.

Please Read and Review! Dancing Stars by Sha-dy94 reviews This is a one shot where Ikuto finds Amu more beautiful then the many stars of the Milky Way and writes a song for her. It was either her friends or her family. Unfortunately, things go haywire when their parents meet. Dokki Doki segment is “Watashi no Tamago” lit. But Ikuto has to go away for the holidays?

Amu agrees, saying that it will only cause people problems if it goes on like that. InuYasha d videos. Amu’s parents get into another argument because Amu’s father placed the photo in a bird magazine and Amu’s mother donated the magazine to a bazaar. Gad Guard s 26 videos. Just the Ungirly Girl by Samsafanfic reviews Amu, every day writes in her notebook from her dead mother. A rendezvous under the blanket of stars.



Ikki Tousen s 13 videos. One would know that Nobility has a borderline, but when things like these cross that line. JUST, she released several albums and singles that have charted on Oricon. R s 13 videos.

Inscribed in the Blade by raindrops reviews As Japan teeters on the edge of civil war, two young samurai struggle to make sense of family ties, friendship, and love. A beautiful girl with pink hair, and golden eyes, who shows him what freedom is Battle Girls – Time Paradox s 14 videos.

Episode “Party 10 – What? Aquarion d 26 videos.