Jerry pulls a face at the thought. The tourists stare, horrified at what they’ve witnessed. We’ll still make the movie. The doorman walks silently away with the package and a quiet smile of triumph. They have a union, in the fancy buildings, and they went out on strike. George is miles away.

Just, start again, then. What’d you do today, dad? George looks disdainfully at the spoonful. An elderly woman, one of the witnesses to the ‘mugging’ of George, recognises Kramer as he passes. This is what we’ll tell ’em. And, to be perfectly frank, I’ve always felt I could use some support.

Pitt’s building, cause’s trouble for Jerry who was only trying to be nice.

Seinfeld Scripts – The Doorman

I had to use the bathroom, so I asked this guy to watch the door for a few minutes. Frank unfastens his shirt and opens it. I’ll tell you when it’s enough! Without the couch, Frank doesn’t know where he will sleep, but at the same time, he realizes George had him sleeping on urine. A bra is for ladies.

Farkus offers his hand. In the last scene George is sharing the bed with his father, who offers to share a bowl of Kasha. They look out the window at the ‘mugging’. Frank is in a shirt, mixing a bowl of kasha? There’s mom, there’s mom.


I uh, brought back your record player, huh. Is it safe to come in? Watch Online Epiwode Subs Awright, hands up, porky! Well, I have to tell you, it’s a very interesting idea. Boy, that brain never stops working, does it? He asked me to. Didn’t you tell him I was using it? An elevator arrives, and a familiar character steps out and is noticed by Jerry. Okay, you came to pick me up at Seinffld Storyline Elaine house-sits for Mr.

Kramer and Frank share an elaborate and forceful handshake. Today, I went record shopping in Greenwich Village. List of the best Seinfeld episodes, as determined by voters like you.

Jerry Stiller is as great as ever as Frank Constanza, and stand-up comic Larry Williams is hilarious and menacing as the titular doorman.

After a second, Jerry realises his job. The doorman goes out the door. Kramer grabs George by the collar of his jacket and is shaking him violently.

The doorman still has the attitude problem. A few morsels have fallen onto the bedclothes, George picks them up and puts them back into Frank’s bowl. George looks as if he might never want to eat again.


Episode The Doorman

She climbs out of the bus and points after Kramer. Farkus gives a questioning seinfwld to Kramer. You mean like a bra? Carefully, Frank reaches over with the spoon, to offer George a taste. You’re not having any of your transvestite parties? Audible Download Audio Books. The guys who clean your windshield at the traffic light, with the dirty rag?

The Doorman

I don’t have a hi-fi. Edit Did You Know? Looking for a great gift idea for the holidays? This was the final produced episode of the But it’s got a pee-stain on it. Then you come home and stand outside your own building? What d’you mean, busy?

Kramer puts down the record player and brings out the bro.