Strong performances and a Hitchcock-trained eye build unnerving tension into its depiction of the intimate stress of caring for an invalid and the ways people might or might not crack under it. This critically-acclaimed independent film has been applauded for its strong performances, gripping storyline, and unique structure that takes audiences on a movie-watching experience they have never had before. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Post Share on Facebook. Edit Did You Know? Yet Dawn of the Dead also revels in the promise of America.

Audible Download Audio Books. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Romero spends over an hour of running time setting up his narrative, in which a recently paralyzed quadriplegic, Alan Jason Beghe , befriends an experimental servant monkey, Ella, who comes to terrorize him. Want to Make a Cult Classic? You can make reality fictional, but if you give a fictional movie like this too many aspects of reality, people get upset. Does Parker not realize that rape claims are already treated as inherently suspect, or that an inordinate number of people just assume that women are lying? Personally, I’m tired of those so-called mega-bucks movies made up of plenty of effects and little story to them.

Each of the cast put on a phenomenal performance. Next, it’s never clear whether there was physical abuse still going on in the Trimble household or not.

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What I got instead with Scalene was a taut, heart-wrenching character study with such a degree of iflm impact that I was left still shaken the following day. There are a couple of sticky issues here. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This was a low-budget film, but spoiled is nothing about the production that would lead anyone to believe that it didn’t have millions of dollars at its disposal.

Knowing now that quality has very little to do with the budget I wonder, unless there are lots of expensive special effects, where does the money go for big-budget movies except into people’s pockets?

She enlists the help of a college student as a part-time caregiver. Samira, for her part, is hardly a helpless victim of a vicious kidnapping: The person who called this a “Rashomon ripoff”.

Does Parker not realize that rape claims are already scalenw as inherently suspect, or that an inordinate number of people just assume that women are lying?


The first story is good despite aping “Memento” and the disjointed second story genuinely seems spoilfr be “told by idiot” in its complete narrative confusion. If one side of a scalene triangle exceeds the length of the other two combined, you obviously can’t “close” the triangle. It is incredibly well written, both in terms of the plot and also the dialogue.

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Maury has a problem Personally, I’m tired of those so-called mega-bucks movies made up of plenty of effects and little story to them. The quality ebbs and flows sppiler much as the story does, with as many attendant frustrating twists as any three Christopher Nolan films.

Scalene may be a wreck, but it’s an infinitely interesting one. I laughed, I winced, I rolled scxlene eyes–often within the same scene. Start With a Classic Cult.

Living with the Dead: The Films of George A. Romero Ranked

Paige Alexander Jim Dougherty It’s an over-the-top scene of over-the-top emotions that is uncomfortably hilarious, thanks to its utter lack of context. The Crazies ironically understands fascism as being inherent in both the preservation and revolution of society.

And Harris is uncharacteristically awful in a key role in his career, unvaryingly playing a blowhard who stifles the otherwise joyous atmosphere. This part of the scene is completely omitted in Paige’s version. Then this brings into question whether any of his recollections can be valid.

The scene in the locker room sloiler him in his 20s while the two kids with him look appropriately 12 or How they see things whether rested in reality their reality or not. There are a number of unanswered questions that ultimately make it impossible to determine whether Paige’s motivations for her scheme in the third act were justified or not. When the student begins to suspect that the son is being abused scaene the mother, she takes matters into her own hands and does something appalling in an attempt to protect him from further harm.

He was really enjoying getting a tug while she was bawling her head off in remorse. You can either use the [ Trackback URL ] for this entry, or link to your response directly. As we rewind, Janice and Jakob’s story comes into greater focus; she’s an insecure and thoroughly unpleasant woman who’s tiptoeing into the dating scene Jakob’s father split years ago, sparing his family an abusive personality and the audience a terrible performance ; he’s her fitful source of frustration, and also her greatest love–a combination that usually results in verbal and physical abuse followed by terms of endearment.


View All Critic Reviews 8. All-in-all a fine effort. Posted on April 3, by D.

Watching Hall and Martindale’s tense games of emotional cat-and-mouse, I finally understood why some of my friends can’t watch TV shows like The Office: However, I challenge anyone to see this particular film and not come out of the theater with a new-found appreciation of what can be accomplished with relatively little money, but a whole lot of talent.

As it progressed, I still found the mother’s acting to be a bit weak, but the other characters more than made up for her shortcomings.

The ending is ambiguous and leaves a lot of things unresolved and a scaleene of key questions unanswered. Link an External Response Have a response on your own site? See, these are questions and you have these and similar questions about all three main characters; and it doesn’t matter if what we’re seeing is real or not real: When Paige meets Jakob and Janice, she’s stunned at the mother’s passive-aggressive then aggressive-aggressive behavior.

This scslene was originally published on October 28, I could not recommend this movie more, not only because it shattered every stereotype I had previously held about low-budget, independent films, but because it is a first rate movie with a truly captivating story. And then the film goes for an emotional punch, and another one, and one more I laughed a lot at the material involving the mentally challenged son.

Look, there’s a big difference between building a mystery whose answer is a giant carpet yank for the audience at the fil, and yanking that carpet every step of the way, denying viewers a sure footing. Sign in to vote. The true psychological twist unfolds as Paige contemplates the unspeakable and actually instigates her plan to have Jakob removed from the Trimble household suspecting physical, emotional and psychological abuse is taking place.

Angela Steele as City Prosecutor.