Planning a vacation in Bali before leaving Indonesia, Leenuk is asked to postpone the vacation since the inspector from the parent company is visiting the factory… Download Please read my HOW-TO page for help. I don’t know what it is about her expressions sometimes. They meet on the plane on the way back. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. That he ditched someone everyone knew he was dating for the niece of the President should have invited even more criticism for him, and some support and understanding for her feelings but there has not been a whisper of it in the office. Episode 4 by Regals.

This is one of the dramas that I am currently watching. The Taiwanese original had two actors who were able to deliver their scripts with a natural air – it really felt like two best friends who were in their zone since yesteryears, and I got that from the very first ep. In-wook also starts to ask Soo-jung out, he brings her home to see his mother and they even spent a happy afternoon at the movies. What do you mean by theatrical? Still, I find it grating to watch. Wait, I think I answered my own question.

What we need is a girlfriend for Ha Na who can re-interpret his blunt words for her.

Byeon Hak-do is determined to make her love him. As such, both his friends and teachers are told that Junsang is dead. Jae-min works late in the 1 and is locked out in the building.

Normally in Kdramas, their bfs are like there with them even into adulthood. And why was poor Wonnie been censured for beating up a man bad-mouthing Hana? On the day they ended up on the same group date, Won had watched her walking away….

But that’s her acting style, a style that is very popular and considered “good acting” in Korea. The drama is so delightful in its storytelling and the characters. Episode 6 by Helcat. The thing is, Won seems to be the buddy Ha Na turns to every time she wants to check up how to interpret a situation Winter Sonata March 9, at 2: He becomes a human vegetable as a result of the suicidal fall and Kang Bok-ku wants vegeance when he realizes that Cha Eun-suk and his brother were lovers prior to her becoming a top movie star.


Young-joo in turn is still in love with her ex-boyfriend Kang In-wook whom she left so that she can be engaged to Jae-min as per arranged by both parents.

Sarant Heon is initially portrayed as haughty, cold with a streak ssarang mischievous meanness. Drama, School, Juvenile Episodes: That look in the he gave her in the kitchen–wow! Hoping to improve his life, who would have thought the opportunity came through an ‘accident’ that mempertemukannya with the figure of young man named Seol Gong-chan.

She is also extremely warm-hearted and loves to help other people.

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If I am not mistaken, she had won at least a couple of best actress in movies, she has two Daesang awards the highest awards for Hwang Jinyi and Empress Ki. Excited to see it all play out. Their relationship started to get a test after a former lover Gong-chan who was a famous tennis player Kim Seo-hyeon back up and determined to get him again. She sighs that it must be nice that he gets to call Choi noonasince she never had any siblings to call endearing terms.

Love the song choice!!!

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Must tell my daughter that! Loving the leads so far – Lee Jin Wook has toned down a little compared to the first ep.

But like you said she brings the ratings and does action so that feeds into how’s 61 viewed as a great actress. As for L’s character, I don’t really feel any attachment because he has a cameo and his actions seem a little too sweet for my liking. Her next question takes Won completely by surprise: He hears someone crying in the next room, and see Soo-jung sobbing over the humiliating incident she had just encountered with Jae-min.


Something that seems conspicuous by the lack of its being mentioned I don’t mean to hurting any of their fans.

Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. I find her totally endearing in her other roles.

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Kim In Young Official Site http: I find that terribly unfair! Love when those two BFF had their conversations on the rooftop. Men have swallows sitting in their hearts. Kim Ki Ho Producer: And plenty of museums, too. They came from a dysfunctional family where his father was invovled in gangster crimes and thus their mother left them. I love this show so much!!

It feels like we’re watching really eisode friends and I feel like I know them and WANT to know more about them even though it’s only the 2nd episode. Btw, L is only cameo here? I even went to other site and paused on Forgive me, but I don’t take lists and awards from Korea seriously as they say more about money-making and popularity than acting talent. I totally agree with you.

As it introduces a new kind of occupation, called an aquarist, it uses many different kinds of underwater filming techniques. We only have 2 episodes and so far I’m loving it. This drama is about the process of realizing that the pencil is in your hands. Baki, she’s a player or something, lol. In a physical fight, the man falls off the bridge and dies. AP July 1, at