Mike Wallace John Alkin When Caine discovers where Banks is hiding and visits him, Banks says that he has fallen in love with the agent, and although he knows her true job he has decided to defect so that he can live with her in Prague. Graham has a distraught phone call with Denson, after which Denson is killed by a taxi when crossing a street. His appointment along with a continued lack of funding leads to increased tension amongst the teams’ management. Use dmy dates from August Use British English from August Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles containing predictions or speculation Wikipedia articles with style issues from June All articles with style issues Episode list using the default LineColor TV. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

The life and mysterious death of Ian Mackintosh: And he doesn’t emit a single bead of sweat throughout. She asked Burnside for help in becoming a sleeper agent in the Eastern Bloc. The Sandbaggers ends on an unresolved cliffhanger because the producers decided that no one else could write the series as well as Mackintosh had and chose not to continue it in his absence. Adding to the series’ cloak-and-dagger mystique was the fact that its creator Ian Mackintosh — a former naval officer and spy who was awarded an MBE — went missing in July , during the third season. Burnside promptly fires him, but is happy to take advantage of MI5’s failure to uncover the spy ring itself. As she is being escorted across the East-West border, instead of exchanging prisoners, Dickens is shot dead by a CIA agent.

Burnside is resigned to his fate, and while walking alone at night is mugged and committed to hospital; Lady Wellingham visits and suggests that getting back together with Belinda would be good for his career. One minute he’s about to assassinate a once-trusted colleague in the coolest, politest way, the next he’s dodging both the KGB and his own government while trying to sabotage nuclear-arms-reduction talks in Malta. The murder of a Soviet defector forces his old handler, British spymaster George Smiley, out of retirement.

Graham has a distraught phone call with Denson, after which Denson is killed by a taxi when crossing a street. Search for ” The Sandbaggers ” on Amazon. If I want him to do anything when he gets there, I need the Prime Minister’s written approval! Caine discovers that Wellingham is concerned about Libyan influence in Malta, so Burnside tutors Peele on the subject before taking him to lunch with Wellingham, where he is suitably impressive.

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The mysterious murder of an environmental activist leads her straight-laced father, an Inspector of the local police force, through a haunting revelation of the murkiness of the British When a medical report confirms that Burnside is showing signs of stress, Peele proposes to Gibbs that his sandbagggers be given to Paul Dalgetty, Tyler’s replacement as D-Int. The acting in the series is top notch by all of the cast, particularly Roy Marsden as the workaholic Burnside and Ray Lonnen as the amiable Caine.


A Perfect Spy He covers up his involvement and returns to the UK, but although he is soon identified by the police, they drop the investigation after political pressure. C is reluctant, but Burnside points out that Dickens was recently briefed on the Hungarian underground network and must be returned before she breaks under interrogation.

At the same time, Burnside learns that MI5 is investigating Ross’s wife Jenny, who Ross tells him is bored and unhappy. Add Image S3, Ep6. Most of the Sandbagger episodes work. Despite Caine’s and everyone’s misgivings, Burnside launches “Operation Kingmaker”, using the two Sandbaggers in an attempt to convince Sandbxggers to choose Peele as C instead. Burnside sends Wallace without approval to help make her defection more newsworthy; he shoots her in the shoulder as she is picked up.

Seawon visiting Elliot’s parents and telling them lies about the way he died, Caine tells Burnside he wants to leave the Sandbaggers.

She collects the photos sandbaggers is arrested by the SSDand Burnside scrambles to arrange an exchange of agents. The comic book also features a more modern and sophisticated Ops Room, and bureaucratic wrangling reminiscent of the television series. Wellingham orders Burnside back to London, and points out that the Soviets will no longer be able to use Filatov as an excuse to pull out of the conference.

With Gibbs absent, he tries to convince Peele to approve an operation to help her defect, without revealing her plan to be arrested, but Peele refuses to allow it since it would involve stealing a NATO secret document. To avoid damaging Tyler’s career, Burnside refrains from reporting it, and sends both Sandbaggers to Malta without clearance. At the request of the CIA, Burnside sends Landy into foreign territory to assassinate a Soviet general, without obtaining clearance.

He is the only Sandbagger to appear from the series’ beginning to its end. In “A Feasible Solution”, Burnside describes Willie as “the best operative currently operating anywhere in the world”. Burnside sends Wallace to investigate and asks Ross for backup.

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When he is reported dead in a dpisode crash, Burnside finds it suspicious and sends Caine to Prague to investigate. When he hears that Yuri Filatov, a KGB colonel and longstanding SIS double agent, is in Malta and wants to defect, he disregards instructions to try to talk him out of it, and encourages him to come right away.


Show 25 25 50 All. Running for three seasons fromThe Sandbaggers was state school sadbaggers Tinker was public: Denson announces that he intends to resign so that he can marry Sally Graham, but Burnside cannot afford to lose two Sandbaggers at once. Burnside thinks that any treaty will be abused by the Soviets to swndbaggers military superiority, and wants to sabotage the conference.

While in London, Burnside rejects a request by Straker to attend the field school to train to be a Sandbagger.

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Edit Did You Know? Not having taken any annual leave for over ssndbaggers years, Neil Xandbaggers finds himself ordered to accompany Deputy Chief Matthew Peele and Sir Geoffrey Wellingham to a planning conference in Rhodes. Underwood’s entry states that his wife had been engaged in lesbian affairs, which led to his suicide. Burnside and Dickens are now in a relationship. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

Len Shepherd Bob Sherman Peele is generally considered a nuisance by most characters, although he is briefly a candidate to succeed Greenley as “C” because Burnside hates Gibbs more than Peeleand does occasionally demonstrate tact and intelligence. Just remember what Burnside says in the first episode: They threaten to kill 33 British defense chiefs onboard and, if their demands continue to be unmet, blow up the aircraft. Peele gives Burnside a negative annual report, citing his conduct in the previous episodes and his predilection for acting alone instead of through proper channels.

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Caine, a sandbaggera Paratrooperis head of the Special Operations Section. Burnside travels to Paris to negotiate the exchange, but the French demand a copy of all intelligence received from the Americans for a period of one year. The missions of an elite British Intelligence covert operations unit. Grove is very keen, but Jeff Ross reveals that the CIA have observed him visiting a private psychiatrist.

He reveals to Ferris that he knows she is KGB, and allows her to take the Russian engineer, whom she executes as a traitor.