Freddie Jade Robbie” [8]. Goomer’s mom is coming to visit but has no idea that her son is an MMA fighter. Sam’s motorcycle is also missing, prompting her to wake up Cat, who cannot remember anything that happened because of a drug misuse. The girls decide to look after Dice after he complains about having to go with his mom and aunt to Puzzle-Con for the weekend. Retrieved from ” https: Sam runs off to save her.

That prompts Cat the next day to trade an expensive coat she got Sam for a stained, dirty pillow, which she then presents as Sam’s present. Their daughter is champion of a dog dancing competition, and the dog is key to her routine. Sam and Cat happily observe the fight, leaving the two to duke it out until they decide they need to call Gwen and Ruby’s uncle. Dice gives Cat a spell book, and Cat tries to use a spell on him. Meanwhile, a t-shirt Goomer wears for luck at MMA fights is missing, and he posts fliers to help him find it. Sam and Cat attempt to save their favorite TV show That’s a Drag from being cancelled while babysitting two annoying kids named Bob and Ethan, but despite Cat’s best and desperate efforts, she and Sam are unable to convince the producer to keep the show airing.

Andrew Thomas Teleplay by: Before the finals begin, Butler’s mom glues Sam’s hand to Cat’s foot to ensure Butler can win more easily.

Clancy as John J. Retrieved March 20, Later, the girl introduces goomsr as Cat Valentine Ariana Grandereprising her role from Victorious. Even when Cat is istting to get Poober away from Ellie through persuasion, which also leads Cat to blab the secret of where she and Sam stash their babysitting money, a small storage container disguised as a pineapple, Ellie finds a way to get Poober back. Dice enlists the help of Sam and Cat to help convince Goomer’s mom that Goomer is a high school teacher.


They finally find one that looks exactly like Opee, but the owner of the shelter says it’s vicious. Retrieved February 25, Goomer’s mom is coming to visit but sittinv no idea that her son is an MMA fighter.

Goomer Sitting

Sam runs off to save her. Another sweet and funny episode and I’m glad that by seven episodes it still has these two things I love about the show.

Lee Reherman as Mark Bonner. Vance has the tools to unlock the box, but he also behaves obnoxiously by flirting with Sam and insulting Dice.

A rich family comes to the girls’ apartment and claims the dog is theirs. Cat feels sorry for Oscar, so she plans to make his day as fun as possible, while trying to keep him safe with the help of the gang.

Bungle Actor Brandon Weaver Freddie Jade Robbie” [8]. The girls gladly reunite and plot revenge against Gwen and Ruby.

Dice gets his money back, Cat gets her bike back, and Sam gets her community service form signed. Determined to bring the word into existence, the girls go to Oxnard and meet the “Word Goomre, who say the two must provide evidence of the word’s use, and would accept a famous person’s saying the word. Their landlord’s son, Dilben, threatens them with eviction as goats are not allowed in their apartment.

They find it in a graveyard, where Sam and Cat reclaim their pineapple and leave Ellie stranded with the caretaker. Cat thinks this is crazy and takes Sam’s place by locking her up. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or glomer The elaborate scheme Cat and the twins pull off to trick Sam works, swm Cat celebrates her victory in song. Add the first question. Retrieved December 5, Sam and Cat then go to the house and confront those babysitters.



The gang meets with Saam to retrieve the motorcycle in exchange for his friend, but he gets tricked as Sam and Cat decide to keep Hector. So they head to Bots next and look through security footage.

Neither of them care to meet the Vice President of the United States, another prize for winning the competition. The three tie him to Sam’s bed until he promises not to say anything about the incident.

“Sam & Cat” #MommaGoomer (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Retrieved January 15, A customer service representative from the retailer shows up, offering them discounted delivery to make up for the problems.

So after Randy’s scout troop finds Goomer, and not the shirt, they are expecting the stated reward and hold him captive until they receive it. Towel Guy Hazel Sepenuk Archived from the original on July 8, Audible Download Audio Books. Dice and Goomer’s friendship is shown here in the short time we’ve seen them together already. Retrieved October 1, At the magazine shoot, when another boy named Jet is poised to win the coveted cover photo, Cat becomes convinced he is wearing a wig and she goommer to blow it off his head with a large fan.

Sam and Cat find out they have been receiving negative reviews on a web site following a cancelled appointment. However, they soon realize Sylvia and Janice are not on speaking terms after quarreling over a trophy for their show, more than 30 years ago. They finally repay Cat sitging a real can of bibble, Sam with a vibrating motorcycle helmet, and both sitters with a special British toilet plunger.