Cha Yeo Chi considering the consequence of assessment ahead of the loss in living regarding Jin Shi Hwang, it really is sense unsure concerning exactly why this individual would like the girl so that you can examination the particular structure linked to insulin. Her father-in-law falls in love with his maid He plays the earnest everyman who volunteers to enter an anti-aging clinical drug trial program as a test subject in order to earn some quick cash. Yes, he did get off easy and that’s unfair. What started off as a unique and interesting balance between humor and drama, soon became nothing more than a standard heavy dose of KTV melodrama fare! Mo Ga-Bi 22 episodes,

Yeo-chi confirmed she was right when she heard the conversation between Yoo-bang Lee Beom-soo and Woo-hee. She’s one of the most interesting and lovable characters in k-drama land. Like slobber from a lunatic It’s not that I don’t like Woo-hee I love her! She is fabulous though in playing out MBG. The last 2 episodes gave me the feeling that they’ve run out of plots but to drag Mo Ga Bi’s evilness to the limit at some points it felt like Kim Soo Hyung had become the main lead because she got so many air time like at least the last 6 episodes. The point I wonder about is if she can follow someone who disregarded her thoughts, opinions and feelings. These upcoming dramas have A LOT to live up to.

I wonder if you were influenced salaryyman ‘puppy’: Bum-jeung is shocked that Hang-woo knows — and Hang-woo tells him that two other people knew. Oh, only now I realize how much I was wrong! Thanks once again for the wonderful recaps!

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I thought that the resolution of Hang-woo and Woo-hee’s storyline was too pat – in my mind, after she opens her eyes, she dies. How thankful can I be for such a funny, off-the-wall drama, without a single wimpy heroine alhtough there was one in distress?

His end goal was not wealth and position alone unlike Gabi. I had never given much thought to that aspect until now. Choi Hang-Woo 22 episodes, Soo-hyun Hong Ivoire March 14, at 7: She feigns innocence even when she finds out that her minion has been taken into custody.


Add the first question. Yeo-chi is looking happily pregnant as she and Bang enter holding hands, all smiles and cheer.

History of the Salaryman

About The struggles and success stories of Korean office workers in rival pharmaceutical companies fighting to create the next new medicine. No movement to soothe, guide or motivate her, just a rock in her side to pinch her evermore.

The finale wasn’t what I’ve hoped for but it is pretty satisfying regardless because we finally got to see Bang as Chairman with YC next to him. Cha Woo-Hee 22 episodes, Seo-hyeong Kim Their only way out is for Gabi to give up her management rights to Yeo-chi, which sends Gabi into a fit of hysteria. Forever one of my favorites. Mondays and Tuesdays at This drama never dragged.

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I’m really glad Woo Hee didn’t die. Oh Yoon Ah Main Cast. Watch ‘ History of the Salaryman ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.

Gabi crumples to the floor in rage. Oh Yoo-Bang 22 episodes, A person’s eye Sweet associates travelled to call home with each other on the boarding residence! Park Ji Bin Supporting Cast.

Choi Hang-Ryang 7 episodes, Eung-soo Kim Then we hxn finally have a Hang-woo vs Bang battle, in all of its corporate glory. A good portion of the first half dozen episodes or so are handled with a good bit of comedic touch, sometimes hysterically so.

The last 2 episodes gave me the feeling that they’ve run out of plots but to drag Mo Ga Bi’s evilness to hn limit at some points it felt like Kim Soo Hyung had become the main lead because she got so many air time like at least the last salarymam episodes.

He who does the crime pays for the crime. How is it that the greedy, the wicked and the unfeeling seemingly get away with ‘murder’ whilst the worthy, the truthful and the steadfast remain the underdog? I wasn’t really going to watch it, I just gave it a try and that was it.


Up until the end, the minion denies everything. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore ki. Bang tells Yeo-chi that now is the time to make her move. Why doesn’t he speak English? However sometimes I feel that stories are shaped towards ratings causing damage.

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For the good news, Woo-hee is alive and being saoaryman for by some kind nuns. They take the time to develop characters in an organic and wholesome way. Yes, I agree the means doesn’t justify the ends, something that Bang stood for.

She even chides Hang-woo for bothering to look for Woo-hee, citing that it will only take his attention away from his job. Posted January 22, Crimes caused by mysterious powers take place.

By 0ly40 Started August 9, Feast of the Gods Episode 4 Synopsis.

You never cease you make me laugh, Mystisith: Her father-in-law falls in love with his maid I feel like there weren’t enough questions answered and too much conflict was forced at the the end. If he was out for justice for his “brother” then he would have turned his brother in. Im Hyun Shik Supporting Cast. Nonetheless, it is great drama.

For the trial testing, 30 testers, including Yoo-bang and Hang-woo, are shut off from the outside world for 10 days. Her husband has an affair with a younger woman.