He was cm tall and had very thin and frail body. This caused many ailments in the later part of his life. The source of his power was prayer. This is an indication of his commitment. Most of these conversions were genuine and those who came to Christ shared their understanding of faith with their friends and family. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. His saintly life, self-control, self-denial, and commitment for social service made him a unique person. As Sadhu Kochu Kunchju Upadeshi lived at a time when child marriage was an accepted custom, Kochu Kunchju was married at 12 years of age.

Baalar- aakunna njaangalhe yeshu thampuraan …. Sadhu Kochoonju Upadesi Malayalam: In s he had a very hectic schedule and at regular intervals conducted parish conventions from Thursday to Sunday. That was a terrible blow to his father who was already sick. At Kalayapuram near Kottarakara he started Bible study classes and open air meetings where people gathered to hear his messages and out of respect they wore white dress. That was his first attempt in writing poems. Thus he came to be known as Sadhu Kochoonju upadesi. His father died in when he was 20, leaving a small piece of land and some loan.

Sadhu Kochoonju Upadesi Malayalam: His parish priest Rev K. Lewis 2 June Some of them are: Ponneshu thampuraan nalloru rakshakan ….

His wife’s name was Aleyamma. His pet name was Kochoonju and his real name was M.

Sadhu Kochukunju Upadesi

Malayalam equivalent of a preacher is upadesi. He joined a nearby Mar Thoma Lower Primary school school.


Krushinmel krushinmel kaanhunnath- aaritha! He had a brother, who died at the age of two. He had a strong belief which refutes delusions, that God and God alone was his one and only, refuge and trust and this was his prime strength which enabled him tread through difficulties. He spoke in gatherings from Swdhu to Sunday. He wrote a book named Aasawaasa Geethangal Songs of Consolation in which of his songs were included.

That was his first attempt mogie writing poems. He wrote a book named Aasawaasa Geethangal songs of consolations in which of his songs were included. His modus operandi brought revival to many parts of South India which opened the doors to many future Christian missions.

During his lifetime he was known as Kochoonju which was a contraction of the two Malayalam words Kochu and Kunju. In the beginning he went to spread the gospel at night time after farming.

Sadhu Kochoonju Upadesi

Never thought of himself as above the others. Click Here to Play All Videos.

He was also the Updesi of the Edayaranmula English Middle school for some time. It was here he was born on November 29, He always wore a white shirt and white dothi.

He incorporated his own composed songs in these gatherings, which later made his revised hymns popular. Cherneedume vegam njaanum aa koottaththil ….

Thomas Mar Thoma Church Cemetery sadhh the next day. Malayalam equivalent of a preacher is upadesi. Ente Daivam swargga simhassanam thannil …. The results were that many came to hear what he had to say and accepted Christ as their saviour in this meetings.


Simon were his strong supporters.

Home Sadhu Kochukunju Upadesi. It is not unusual to see drunkards coming to his meetings and going back as a new men. I Varghese Muthampackal Itty Varghese. He used stories, examples, experiences and humor liberally to add color to his speeches.

He spend hours in prayer as he sought guidance from God. He always carried an umbrella and his favourite Bible where ever he went.

List of Malayalam Songs written by Sadhu Kochu Kunju Upadesi

He did about 30 years of intensive gospel work. Dukhaththinte paana paathrram karththavente kayyil thannaal…. In November he became very sick.

The rest of the days he dedicated to reading books and prayer. He used a wide range of stories, examples, experiences and humour liberally throughout his messages to add colour to his speeches.

It brought revival to many parts of South India. He considered Gospel work as his duty and for which he was not willing to take any remuneration or salary Decided not to use any decorations. Materialistic things where minimized jovie only essential things were kept.