Tara shuts the door to Sawri’s face, and Sawri begins to cry! Shweta is aghast and asserts that she will not meet any boy, leave alone marrying him! Sawri has no idea what’s happening. Vaidehi asks her to pray to God and then open her eyes to think of the first man! The officer praises Sawri for saving everyone’s lives. Sawri begs him not to ruin Shweta’s life, so Aman’s uncle promises to help her on one condition.

On the other hand, Saloni wishes Shweta and Sawri, and is inconsolable thinking about how much Sawri must miss her mother! The family is consumed with more guilt when Gurumaa informs Bhabho and others that Sawri, the girl whom they always ill-treated, is Nahar and Saloni’s daughter! Daksh is totally smitten by Sawri! Meanwhile, Sawri writes a letter to Saloni saying she has been misunderstood by the family and fears that Shweta may get distanced from the family and take a wrong step. Sawri writes a letter to Shweta mentioning everything and leaves it near the main door. Part I”, January 8, She asserts that she will live life the way she wants to, and asks Sawri to support her.

Shweta scolds Sawri for making such a big sacrifice. Later, when Shweta saqt to get dressed for the evening to see the boy, Sawri convinces her to at least see the boy. Shweta wishes that they would get married into the same home! Shweta phones Narpat and asks him about Sawri. Brijesh and others return home and he informs everyone at home about Sawri’s sacrifice. Sxat decks up Shweta and the sisters share an emotional moment together.

Brijesh goes to slap Tara but stops short! Sawri writes a letter to Saloni seeking strength to tread on the path that she has chosen. Meanwhile, Bhabho and others are observing the rituals on Nahar’s death anniversary when Gurumaa comes. Saloni leaves without saying a word. Lady Luck smiles at him as Sawri indeed comes to return it! A terrified Shweta tells Rajveer that she cannot swim, but he manages to save her.


Episode #1.401

Ambica yells saag her, and Nikita too requests Kaveri to calm down. Just when Sawri is about to leave, she is confronted by Aman’s uncle. Shweta is aghast and asserts that she will not meet any boy, leave alone marrying him! Vaidehi asks her to pray to God and then open her eyes to think of the first man!

On the other hand, Brijesh yells at Tara for always berating Sawri, so she mentions that Sawri is a reflection of the selfish and cunning Saloni! However, Aman comes just then and assures Bhabho episofe he finds nothing wrong in Shweta dancing. What is in Aman’s mind? On the other hand, Daksh confesses his love for Sawri and proposes marriage to her, so she accepts his proposal.

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Ramprasad phones Ashok and lies that he is from a waat phone company. The man drops Shweta and tells her that he never knew princesses exist even now!

Later at night, Shweta tells Sawri that she does not like Tara yelling at her all the time. Samar leaves for the USA on his first official trip.

When Narpat and Ambica visit the prison to inform Saloni, they are told by the jailor that all prisoners have been sent to another jail for security reasons. Shweta and Aman go to seek the blessing of the goddess. Sawri begs Bhabho to believe her, but Bhabho warns her to keep mum. On the other hand, thoughts of Shweta continue to torment Rajveer also, so his friends tease him. Daksh asks Sawri for the truth, so Sawri narrates everything to him.


Daksh and Sawri manage to reach Saloni.

WN – saat phere episode

Aditya promises Brijesh that the day Shweta is bestowed with abundance of happiness he will ruin her life by telling her that her mother is alive and in jail! Saat Phere – Episodes Once they are out, a shopkeeper accidentally brushes against Shweta, and Aman is enraged! However, Bhabho and Tara accuse Sawri of wanting to break off her own impending marriage at the cost of Shweta’s happiness! Meanwhile, the engagement ceremony begins, and Narpat and his family arrive.

Saat Phere

Shweta sees her saviour and excitedly gesticulates to Sawri that he sawt the one who had rescued her. He insists that he meet Shweta, the girl he has fallen in love with! On the other hand, Aman’s father advises him to keep a curb on his temper until he gets married.

A pot falls in the process, and Aman sees his jacket and phone on the shelf. Narpat urges Ambica to pack up right away, so Ambica reminds him that they had come here only for the sake of Samar and his baby. She also reveals that Sawri and Shweta are her daughters, and asks Daksh and Rajveer to take care of them.

Seeing her hand up, the host summons Shweta on stage to compete with her saviour whose name is Rajveer!