Protect the Boss Korean Drama. I’m totally hooked in the story now. In Sweden we celebrate Easter, and that holiday is now. She ignores Yi Gak, assuming he was his usual unhelpful self, and he pours his own shot and seethes silently. Guzal Tursunova Supporting Cast. Addicted2KDrama May 1, at 6:

I do not get the title of this one at all, so if someone can explane it for me please do so! Episodes by odilettante. I’ve been waiting for your recap the whole day. Yell for the Blue Sky Japanese Movie. Kyun Mi Ri Supporting Cast. This site uses cookies. Evil bitch is an evil wily bitch. Yong Pal Korean Drama.

[VIDEO] ‘Rooftop Prince’ Episode 4 | JYJ3

Next episode will be fun! Revenge Girl Japanese Movie. This site uses cookies. Hospital Ship Korean Drama. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. It’s definitely more obvious to us because we see things from Sena’s perspective and know their backstory.

Yes, this premise is cracked. But that fpisode was dropped because they have hugged and kissed and they probably should feel that way then too, right?

Ahn Suk Hwan Supporting Cast. My Lady Korean Drama. Myung Wol the Spy Korean Drama.


Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. My Sassy Girl Korean Movie. But this episode went by so fast. Thanks so much for the fast recap. No Breathing Korean Movie. Hence, the excuse of not being able to sleep at night and taking late night strolls. I hope you know I was talking about King 2 Hearts.

Call Boy Japanese Movie. Good Doctor Korean Drama. I know it’s a drama and fictional but maybe we could get something from it. Mischievous Kiss The Movie: Local Hero Korean Drama. Se-na arrives dressed in her obligatory blacks but not the least bit sad, and wonders about the sobbing girl at the altar.

Tomorrow With You Korean Drama. Someone please, put me out of my misery so I can sleep tonight!

My Dear Loser Series: Surplus Princess Korean Drama. Page Turner Korean Special. My take on the ending is that it’s actually Tae Yong and not Yi Gak: The Dirge Singer Korean Special.

In the morning, Park-ha finds her ducklings sitting at the table, awaiting their hot omurice breakfast. Master of Study Korean Drama.

They do not know that they have been talking all day on the phone with each other…. Watch ‘ Rooftop Prince ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Though I know a lot of people didn’t like his role and preferred Yoo Ah-in, but I thought he took what could have been a bland role given how the character didn’t outwardly show much emotion and really made him more interesting than I thought possible.


I don’t think Tae Mun jumped to save TY. The Taste of Curry Korean Special. Take the money to settle her affairs, then return to America. The doctor calls time of death. Not sure of I’ll see it but maybe High School Debut Japanese Movie.

Rooftop Prince

That is how Lee Gak and Park Ha, the lead characters, meet in the drama. Refresh Man Taiwanese Drama. Not sure about this.

You might think she should have changed being reborn again and again but sadly no.