The Master’s Sun Korean Drama. Didn’t the four men just master Hangul back in Episode 2 or 3? Up until this episode, he thought that Sena was a nice girl, in fact, his queen. Romance Town Korean Drama. You’re My Pet Korean Movie. She means for them to ride that metal box hanging from a string?! I dont see any emotions from her toward LG no matter how much I want it.

Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. Ahn Suk Hwan Supporting Cast. Tae-yong has been sighted. This is a fluffy rom com, no worries that they won’t end up together looking into each other eyes while drinking and eating sweet stuff. Prison Playbook Korean Drama. Pinocchio’s nose Korean Special. The King of Dramas Korean Drama.

So glad that the misunderstanding does not drag long.

Rooftop Prince

Kazoku Game Japanese Drama. Love Shuffle Japanese Drama. He wouldn’t even know what to look for on an airline ticket, seeing as he’s probably never even seen one before. Runway Beat Japanese Movie. From Me to You Japanese Movie.

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Lee Moon Shik Supporting Cast. The Badass Baker Thai Drama. Forget Me Not Japanese Movie. I don’t know how the writer will use this into the plot. Although he may get a little kimchidrzma from the amnesia fairy, if my cliche-o-meter is pinging correctly. Absolute Boyfriend Taiwanese Drama. I was chuckling at Yoochun’s fear of heights appearing in the drama.


Also in the Big Development category: Does this mean everyone will get transported back to Joeson and somehow PH along with them, maybe BY’s body is lying somewhere in a Chinese hospital. Volcano High Korean Movie. I am a little surprised that he accepted such a small role.

I liked this episode in that it moved a lot of things forward, but the pacing definitely felt strange. When the episode cut off like that, I instantly groaned and thought to myself, “Yeah, she’s going to lie her way out of this successfully again. We’ll wait and see how this tale ends cuz I’m trying not to wrack my brain how this ending can go “happily ever after.

Rooftop Prince Korean Drama. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online.

Thank you from the bottom of my pea picking heart. The Beauty Inside Korean Movie. Nodame Cantabile Japanese Drama.

Drowning Love Japanese Movie. When you read the article noted above, he went straight to the Baeksang Awards on the same day as the accident. Winter Sonata Korean Drama. Maybe gooftop should just go back into the past and get Bu-yong.

Perfect Match Thai Drama.

Princess Jellyfish Japanese Movie. Oh My Venus Korean Drama. Another Everyday Japanese Drama. One Way Trip Korean Movie. I don’t like the time jump. That gives him pause, and he thinks about it. The Red Teacher Korean Special. Warm and Cozy Korean Drama. Coffee Prince Korean Drama.


Lee Tae Sung Kimcjidrama Cast. Heroine Disqualified Japanese Movie.

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He asks for the truth about what happened to it, not buying her answer that she already told him what kimchdirama knew about it. MenCallMeBacon May 2, at 9: Korea to New York? My Little Bride Korean Movie.

I am certain that Sena will weasel her way out of this dilemma as the way that things end not always how they begin in an episode. As zippy as these episodes have been, Rooftp find myself wishing that we princr spend more time with the boys like in the first few episodes.

Kang Byul Supporting Cast. I like smart guys! So it is that he wears a much sterner face when he calls Se-na for another meeting, showing her the envelope again. Boy from Wonderland Korean Movie. Going by the Book Korean Movie. Love Rerun Japanese Drama. High Society Korean Drama. Marry Me, or Not?

The Fatal Encounter Korean Movie.