But I think girlfriday was really referring to the subversion of exectation here–because the love-triangle is not the one the viewer would expect, it is all the more entertaining to watch the human interactions that result. Swye August 3, at 9: Can you please make romanization lyrics for memories-sa joon song?? He gapes, can it be? I hope this works out Notify me of new comments via email. Can u tell me the name pls: The bell rings and the girls dash out of class to line up at the payphone.

Flashback to earlier that morning, when he found Yoon-jae hiding in the bathroom, washing his underwear. I already know that I’m going to enjoy this drama for various reasons: I hope I can find subbed episodes, but in the mean time your recaps are fabulous as always! I knew his crush would be on Yoon-jae! I’ll check it Asiatorrents As we were becoming different, we stood to face yet another kind of growth to accept these differences. D Thanks for the recap GF!!! IDo you happen to know that song?

BTS – “Fake Love”. She reluctantly joins them and only wishes Yoon-jae a happy birthday, presenting him with her usual gift, a page full of coupons. I usually chose to watch a drama based on u recap. Thank you so much much much…!

True, it had its weaker points, yet even in it’s less steady parts it was still extremely good. The show is full of heartfelt episose and awesome characters. My teen years were in the early millenium, but I still consider myself a 90s girl. Thanks a lot for you have made this post.

Something like a thing of pride between boys so if you do it during high school or later, the other boys will make fun of you Fuck you, already take care abt you own life and how you supposedly follow your rules religious, cultural, social ones before having any right to point out some people as sinners just bcs of who they are and who they love!

In fact, he was more like a father figure to Yoon Jae, and the one who taught Yoon Jae to get up and fight for what he loves. My love also extends to the other cast members, whom I had been either completely unfamiliar with or hadn’t had a chance to see in anything noteworthy yet. And love between two consenting adults is never wrong, no matter what their genders are. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too!


Let’s take a trip down memory lane. One can only hope The writers clearly knew how they wanted to tell the story and by taking us back and forward in time, each following scene had more emotional impact. She finally puts it down, unable to make the call. Thank you so much for recapping this wonderful series. Oh God please someone sub this show, I’ve been going to a lot of sites looking for subs but nada, zilch, zero. The pictures of the girl’s matching haircuts is the most adorable things ever.

I swear if any mothers try to pull some anti-gay bs like they did with Life Is Beautiful, I’m going to raise some hell I just love this drama so much already, next week cant get here fast enough.

Btw, I also read the recap for the comments from readers underneath it. But so far, the hints we get from the scenes are for the Shi-won and Yoon-jae 19997

Playlist: Answer Me 1997

I can not wait to watch this episode Day6 – “Shoot Me”. It’s been a long while since k-dramaland has produced a drama that was of that quality I have high hopes for School but am waiting ’til all of it is realeased before I start my marathon ;D! I swear if any mothers try to episose some anti-gay bs like they did with Life Is Beautiful, I’m going to raise some hell.

My only concern is dgamacrazy the main guy’s hair ISN’T 90s enough for me lol. I see a lot of Eunji and Seo In Guk New gadgets, same idols. Yoon-jae throws some eye-daggers his way.

Reply 1997

Lots of nostalgai even though I was only 6 inbut the memories of dial-up and H. The look on his face when Yoon-jae was hugging him during the baseball game was just aljfladjfa;ljf Where can I watch this? Their eyes dart back and forth in the most awesomely awkward silence, and Shi-won gets up to scootch to her room without a word. This site uses cookies.


If only I can watch it with subs! Eun Ji’s portrayal of the fearless and sassy Shi Won was refreshingly original, while In Guk’s emotionally loaded performance made me root the prickly yet adorably lovesick Yoon Jae.

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Then Joon-hee comes in, and Dad is impressed with his looks. Yoon-jae is the only one who gets up to answer. How much I loved that Yoon Jae did not freak out when he found out for whom Joon Hee’s heart was beating for and how he didn’t act any different towards him. This cracks me UP.

But they get to the end of the recording and Shi-won screams. Love in any form should always be portrayed in a positive light. I can’t believe I have to see this type of comments here, I just wanted to comment on these awesome episodes but don’t feel like doing it anymore.

To me, the interactions within the Jung household including Yoon Jae and Tae Woong is one of the most realistic depictions of a family that I’ve seen in a drama.

It gave episoee the inspiration to do a blog of my own. Also how cute is that part when Yunjae pulls Junhee to him for the photo at the end of Episode 3? Anybody know if it’s subbed anywhere? So far, my best guess is that Yoojung and Hakchan will be the couple that announces their engagement.

Watch ‘ Reply ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your episdoe and tablet. We pan over to see Shi-won in the aftermath, her hair shorn off and still stifling her sobs. Sung-jae talks a mile a minute about the ceremony and then asks for a picture of their group.