Perhaps Marvell unsure of spelling chip based players do. For audio, it seemed to handle different surround encodings fine. I wish someone would explain that? When selecting firmware update from within the menu, it will lock and never update. I wonder how they are pulling that off or is this just something limited to Iconbit. Will look forward to your impressions.

Firstly, it’s a nice looking player. The format of the file depends on the installed application Subtitles Hardware decoding: I had a couple audio stutters that disappeared when I stopped and played the movie again this is through the internal HD I wish there was an English forum. Just that the firmware took some time to get it. AVS Forum articles Contests. Video Games and Plus Apps. If I hit the info button while playing the DVD folder it reports the film is playing in x resolution.

I can’t get to any apps except up and down from what they offer. Reaptek Sale Day Order Today. Former Top Amazon reviewer bemoaning the loss of objective user reviews. Realtrk the one hand, it did play a variety of file types well, with HD audio which my NVidia card won’t handlesome menu support, ISO support, and 3D worked well for the most part.

It plays everything I have thown at it. I bypassed it and got great 3D. They do have a forum, in Russian: In VLC, media player classic, kmplayer, zoom player, gom player, and every other media player I’ve ever come across on the pc, you simply right-click and realttek aspect ratio, and pick what you want 4: They are not fully taking advantage of the soc.


Realtek iconbit movie 3d

I read after in the Russian forum NEVER update from within the menu – it will freeze – always use the update button on the back of the unit instead. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. For whatever reason the iconbit just didn’t look great for that particular disc.

I’ve read the russian forum admins state 4K advanced HDDs not work. When operating the LED TV realltek the first time, you need to read the manual carefully d3 the warning and caution instructions.

Moreover, to assist you relax there are good comedy jconbit that you could watch with your family. Amazingly, the Russian forum listed what they fixed in this new firmware in English.

I didn’t try Avatar so I’m not sure if that poses a particular problem, but the subtitles worked fine with the few I tried. Perhaps Marvell unsure of spelling chip based players do.

Can the Russian forum have an english support section? I read some info about the Iconbit, good player but no good depth in 3d movies. However i do have to correct one thing in your moviee This store is a good place to uncover deals.

Movie3D Deluxe

I’ve also got myself an iconbit. Not an impressive start. But now i’m missing the BT-option in the menu Network.

I wish the android app was a bit user friendly. But when it plays the menu, info reports x The video demonstrated Avatar CE Disc 1 Bluray and the first scene with the Navi subtitles in that papya english font was working!! Are all the Realtek players getting BD Java menu support?


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Won’t play BDMV folders with menus – only individual files, making Blu-Ray folder rips virtually unusable — Not true, it does play them. Still no reply on my questions on thier Russian forums. It’s definitely a negative that we’re practically on our own with this unit – basically wait to see if there’s an update and wonder what it does. Can someone let me know what player can play, without any issues, 3Ds on the harddisc of the player itself.

I’m guessing it’s a limitation on the resolution. Also, if you use NFS or Samba streaming, you can only use the file browser view. The option for TV: As long as I bypass it everything is fine so far. None of the players have full BD license I think. I wi lmost all not complain though for the price its excellent.

It handled several p and p mkv files without problem, and when setting the menu to 24, it seemed to output 24fps correctly 3r tv reports 24hz. If I hit the info button while playing the DVD folder it reports the film is playing in x resolution.

I’ll need to try some more ISOs.