Ballu has his back to her and says. He splashes water on her face..! Shammo-Paddo are not less than hubby-wife..! Madhu in a fix! Shammo asks Madhu the matter n she feigns ignorance! RK respects Dips a lot…he has respected Dips always..

Madhu asks Paddo that chawl guys call u Bhabhi jee.. She asks Madhu why she is forcing such things! RK shares about their suggestion for Shammo-Paddos wedding..! Madhu asks if no need then why shutting off the door? Ballus secretary calls Trish.. Ballu wonders the matter..

Madhu tells Paddo to marry Shammo.! Trish runs upto her. Ballus secretary calls Trish. Trish is rehearsing how to thank the producer. She is panicked and steps backward!

Paddo asks Madhu to say. She asks Madhu why she is forcing such things! He says 22 must have made Paddo feel this! She screams on Madhu!

Paddo must madhk devastated.! Part 3 Ballu tells Bittu that fine. Shammo-Paddo are not less than hubby-wife.! Paddo is in a daze. He splashes water on her face.! Madhu tells Paddo that she knows all about Shammo.


Trish is conscious n quickly sneaks out.! If she is fine? Trish faints and falls in the cabin! She shares her eoisode at RK touching her feet and feeding her cake.! Madhu asks Paddo if she trusts her?

Trish tells about audition but doesnt tell her about Ballu! He removes the hair from her face n sees n says. Part 2 Madhu says. Ballu wonders the matter.

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Posted by TheUpdatersoftelenovelasgh at 9: Part 1 Ballu turns n Trish is shocked She steps back. RK — Madhu are sitting side by side.

Madhu asks Paddo that chawl guys call u Bhabhi jee. Paddo tells Madhu that she is happy Madhu comes but what about Radha? RK offers her serizl and a seat!

She walks into Ballus office.! Chawl guy comes in tells Paddo that Shammo will be late coz of late pack up.!

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Paddo asks Madhu the matter. Trish is shocked and passes out!


Part 2 Madhu asks Shammo to reconsider.! She says she has lots of work for Govardhan puja.

Madhu in a fix! Precap — RK removes the pillow wall. RKs mood must be good coz of his work goes on!

RK tells on phone to Madhu that machine has returned!