Producer-director Mani Ratnam maintains his trademark focus on emotions, while adding a flamboyant flair. Ravi Kishan as Beera’s brother was very convincing in his role and was very expressive in almost every given scenario. Again the director tried to make up for it with complex screenplay and heavy cinematic which end up looking like cherry on rotten bread. What is it that they say Or all in one go? Its a visual treat from start till end, Mani is a genius, with the right team he has extracted the best from his crew, but still, when u walk out of the hall there is something in the movie ponders you.

As usual every thing about the film including the story line was kept under strict secrecy. The plot is as thin as a razor blade. If you are tired with whole days work, then this is the movie to watch since the whole theater will be empty and an ultra boring movie would give a good 2 hours sleep in the A. Surly looked like an angry cop but he was not able to show, the pain of man loosing a wife. As a Bollywood film it’s beautifully shot, with big name stars bringing to life characters that are remotely familiar to an epic, a director with a vision bold enough to challenge convention and ruffle a few feathers with his spin on an epic. Looks like this movie is a towering example of my point.

While she does soften considerably when she understands his neglish for revenge, Ratnam never quite turns it into a Stockholm-syndrome situation that might have made for a far stronger central conflict. Most of the fault enlgish with the flimsy writing and one dimensional characterization.

Mani’s direction in some sequences really gave me goosebumps especially the scene where the camera goes round Abhishek for a few minutes showcasing his confused mind. It is basically the typical Hindi film revenge plot, but told from the perspective of the ‘victim’ of the vengeance seeker.


Priyamani does a good job as well. Countdown To Elections Results. Tour of an Acupuncture Clinic. Aishwarya stuck between characters as different as chalk and cheese,two different sides of a coin handles her part extraordinarily. The fact that he is actually a misrepresented figure,pushed into a corner of wrongdoing by the wrongs done sybtitles him,is dinned into us: But that’s about it.

Kidnapping Ragini is not an act of lust and greed but but an act to avenge his sister’s iniquitous death who was raped in police custody.

Subtitlez puts you in a rather awkward situation, when you almost forget that you are watching a movie, and start rating the beautiful shots individually! His performance too, lacked variety in expression. Its missing in Raavan. But when Ram wanted to take Janaki back home she refuses to go and stays with Raavan.

Subtitles Raavan

Is this a thought of our society or if not what’s the truth? A must have if you even a little bit romantic.

And please; these views are not less ‘intellectual’. It’s OK for a one time watch, but one expects much much better from Mani Ratnam.

Raavan is another movie from veteran Indian movie director Mani Ratnam. Brilliant cinematography, capturing the pristine beauty of the unexplored areas of Kerala, is simply too beautiful for words.

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When Mani Ratnam decides to create a world of a demon God in a movie, the expectations are obviously high. The latter part concentrates mostly on the cat and mouse chases creating a lively and a nervous atmosphere. If I have time, I’ll probably be sitting in the Tamil version just to see how Vikram does his Ravana. Rehman’s plaintive score lulls the viewer into a state of trance which sustains beyond the length of the movie.


Vikram playing the dual role of Police Office in Hindi and Raavana in Tamil, the toughest part for an actor to change character every hour during shooting.

When someone twists facts to fit one’s theories, even Ayn Rand or Nietzche won’t pacify with them. You can listen to the songs over and over. Did Raavan reach our expectations? After Yuva, and Guru, this is the 3rd outing of Abhi with Mani, and it’s a must watch.

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Sheer lack of consistency in plot results in the actors being confused about their unwritten roles, song sequences acting as fillers in screenplay, predictability of sequences and the boredom of audience. My apologies if my review reads too tepid. Mani Ratnam’s much anticipated multi lingual Raavan a.

It 20010 have enough depth to penetrate the characters into the viewers. Abhishek Bachchan Beera Munda. Abhishek Bachchan aishwarya rai Govinda mani ratnam raavan Vikram.

Why not in 14 minutes? Ais did really did good job in one of the songs. Among the cast, Aishwarya shines in the role of ‘Ragini’ efficiently portraying a wide range of emotions that her role offers.