Waris provides a classic exposition of the concept of feudalism within a Pakistani context. Bahu Begum Soutan The time now is You will become a mother soon! And I rarely like Geo dramas. Na Maloom Afraad to reveal identities post-Ramazan”.

Archived from the original on 13 January And the winners are Debut Dec Venue In your mind. Nazia’s mother in-law is really getting on my nerves too.. Is it any good ROA? Be Aib – Urdu 1 Archived from the original on 13 May Akbari Asghari and takay ki ayegi baaraat all the way I just hate Pakistani serious dramas,been watching them since ages.

I initially thought Humsafar would be rubbish despite everyone praising it.

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Archived from the original on 16 February Originally Posted by theglitterconspiracy. Winners, fashionistas and a little bit of drama”. Pul-e-Sirat Drama Serial – Thursdays 222 Retrieved 18 September Published on September 08, Pul Episoee is a story that marks a distinction between good and evil. It just makes one go Wow, I am a really bitter person aren’t I? I finished watching Mera Naseeb and it turned out to be a very good drama, although it was good but won’t say as good as Khuda aur Mohabbat or even Meri Zaat.

Alvaro Asghari is a bit funny drama so a good wath I’d say. Retrieved from ” https: Current dramas to watch: PK does not permit copyright violation on their website. Sorry about the rant folks. pl


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Did anyone watch Episode 13 of Mera Naseeb? Mahirah Khan Latest Photo-Shoot Who else agrees with this? I don’t like dramas but there is one new drama that I started watching called Akbari Asghari. I also feel tired all the time “. Cheekh – Drsma Digital. Meri Zaat is an exception. Jun 30, 0. The brightest flames burn quickest.

Great work by Pakistanis. If so do they mind summarizing it? Main abdul qadir hoon, qaid-e-tanhai and Daam.

Not watching any dramas as of now. And what makes it worst is that they didn’t go to any doctor and themselves are assuming she is pregnant. Originally Posted by Cover Drive.

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Archived from the original on 4 October Their endings were quite “different” and not the typical “happy endings”. Archived from the original on 9 July Mustafa married Sana Fahad in The flamboyant Chaudhray Hashmat Khan is emblematic of what many people consider a feudal lord to be like – arrogant, opportunistic, exploitative and reactionary. Sep 01, 0. Dusri Bivi – Ary Digital [29] Qaisra Hayat Directed by: Saw first episode of Humsafar on Saturday and I must say it started off quite well, looks interesting lets see how it turns out to be in future.


The brightest flames burn quickest. Humsafar is another amazing drama. These are all very very good! Koi Nahi Apna – Ary Digital Lately Mohabbat Root Jae Tou looks good and it is turning out to be a good one. I remember in title video Moiz gets beaten up by Shahbaz.

How about Mera Saeen Voilet May? Archived from the original on 18 September I would say Khizer is deliberately doing it as he hates Asher and he is doing this to ruin Asher’s life. Khirads bad time is just around the corner unfortunately. Bilqees Urff Bittoo -Urdu 1 And I rarely like Geo dramas.

israt Like, in almost all the shows, they depict that the wife shows symptoms of pregnancy and she actually realizes this herselfyetshe is too stupid to figure out that she is pregnant someone else always has to tell the idiot that she is with child. Haha – Make sense really no doubt it is brilliant drama! The News on Sunday.

Just watched first episode of Maaye Ni.