My Little Monster — Episodes I literally could not stop watching this show. He thinks that selling the largest amount of black pepper french fries will somehow boost his social status. Love Stage — Episode 1. She loves Yuki so much that she literally kills for him. Let me sum up the last three episodes:

Watamote — Episode 4. Attack on Titan — Episode 21 Um…. I am going to attempt to cram not one, but two weeks of anime into this post since I copped out last week and forgot it was Monday. When will it end? And if it were for the fucked up factor alone, I would have. Seriously, what happened to her?

Episodes of this were actually a re-watch, as I have seen them all before subtitled.

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Everyone in her class has to pick a familiar, and she conjures up this peasant human boy from Earth while everyone else gets dragons and shit. I will definitely be continuing this in the near, as opposed to the far, future. The Future Diary — Episodes It played the subtitles automatically, though.

And there is a spin-off coming! And it reeks of Wedding Peach.

And we are introduced to even MORE worthless side characters. Sure, there are girls in a band, but they never really play. This was new, so I went for it. Red Data Girl — Episodes I have absolutely no idea what is going on in this anime. Remember last week when I was excited to get out of that stupid Dragon Island arc? Nana 7 of 7 is about this girl whose personality shatters into mafoka parts, and each one turns into its own little Nana.

The faster I write this, the faster I can go back to watching Soul Eater. The countdown is on. The Animated Movie – Urusei Yatsura: Well…not Attack on Titan great, but I am enjoying it so much more than the first couple episodes. And it reeks of Wedding Peach.


I spend good time on these! I love this show.

Kimi ni Todoke — Episodes Re-watch. Strawberry Eggs — Episodes So all I know is that Rukia is sentenced to death, Ichigo had to undergo some training to go to the other realm to try and save her, and his orange haired girlfriend and his giant friend Chad now apparently have powers, too, and are going to go with him to kick some ass.


Sure, it was OVER said top on multiple occasions, but where else can you watch a bunch of people chuck bombs at each other and get a love story out of it?

The power of friendship wins again. You know the drill.

Here lies another title I picked up super cheap from RightStuf. Please keep in mind that these may not have been made inbut they are ones I finished.

I bought this really cheaply from the RightStuf Black Friday sale for all your anime needs…seriously. Hell, it has like, four seasons, so episofe must be doing something right.

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Who wants to go catch pokemon all by themselves?? I kept expecting Ellie Nash to hop out with her compass and start showing the whale how to slit its wrists. It came without fanfare, unexpectedly, too, because I never even received a tracking email. It kind of reminds me of Working! Love Stage — Episode 1. It was decidedly simple, but I loved that moment when the camera panned out and you got to maigca who had gotten killed and what they were like before the shit hit the fan.


It is in my top 5 series of all time. The funniest part is when the asshole chief hits on them. So I bit the bullet and purchased one of those random boxes of anime from Crunchyroll.

Case Closed Detective Conan — Episode I love you, Soul Eater. As a girl who has been in many bands, I enjoy this profusely. Okay, I swear to god, I have seen the first episode of this anime about 30 times.

I have absolutely no idea, but after a few episodes, I wanted to turn this crap off and attempt to finish Wedding Peachwhich has been sitting on my shelves for god only knows how long. I ended up getting disc 3 in the mail, but, of course, kadoka Netflix nor Rent Anime had discs 1 or 2, so I had to order them. Like, the three episode arcs were perfect, in my opinion. Magicaa theory, it should be one of my favorite anime. I shut that shit off. With my remote in hand to skip past the credits, I started this up again at episode 3.

One Nana is the lead singer of a punk band, while the other Nana who is later nicknamed Hachi is completely boy crazy and just wants to find her place in life. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I got sucked into this so quickly, and before you know it, I was sobbing through most of the episodes. I see it now!