This was only to retain large number of audience. Fifth factor was that content of new mass media need to be consistent with the tastes and interests of audience. All All 0 Dislike 0. Pak-indo joint collaboration also effects the drama production of war time which was based on national enthusiasm. Language is an important debate in scholars these days. Dressings of females are very captivating in PTV dramas. In this research, content analysis has been selected to examine the current events and past events, for which content analysis technique is best suited.

Olden dramas were very much concerned with the representation of all the classes in the drama. In this research, researcher has analyzed the drama of Pakistan television in two phases, the drama when it was on the peak and the modern drama. Background music in olden drama of s is almost none. Drama serial ankahi has 3. Does Pakistan television drama of 21 st century is more affiliated with advancement of technology and audio effect techniques than PTV drama of s? Its contents are supposed to be very original. Is it only decreased viewer ship or to convince the people to accept mindless drama?

Dramas of PTV give awareness about the social and political topics and educate. Pakistan television drama has a great importance since its dawn till early s. There is a huge difference between the drama of 21 st century and the drama of s.

Tayyaba concludes in her study that PTV lake pluralistic culture and fails to present the participation of all segments of society in it [ 10 ]. Drama serial ankahi episide having 8. The dressing and screenplay of dramas revolves around particular community apparently called modernism but adamm it is the violation of cultural boundaries.

Olden dramas were very much concerned with the representation of all the classes in the drama. The answer to the measurements of background music depicts that there are background music and theme songs in the 21 st century drama which was not in the present form in previous drama.


They are tackling the situation and competing with globalize foreign drama along with the effects of afam, lifestyle and other effects while Pakistan television drama has a history in it.

Audience tastes are the upper most in the content. The creeping cycle theory of desensitization explains that media practitioners made changes to get profit and to survive financially. Pakistan television dramas are diverse in language, and theme.

Pakistan television plays a dynamic role in giving audience an overview of their problems, to eliminate these problems from society and bring important issues under consideration of authorities so that they could take action to improve the situation. Indian drama is exaggerating variation in Pakistan drama through privatization of media in Pakistan. In light of these studies, cable television is considered to play the wider role in taking society toward modernism, effecting youth in language, dresses, eliminate reading culture from our society.

Profit line is the basic point for the media practitioners. Shahid concludes in his research work that private production has exaggerated effects on our Pakistan television dramas. Waris has not a theme song of the drama. They did content analysis and survey as well. Suspense is sustained in the end of each episode. These are some of the inquiries that are discussed know with detail after having quantitative data.

A classic work on Pakistani television drama is done in Nepal by qaiser and jabeen. It was survey study which indicates that PTV has cultural identity. Islamic principles do not seem to be prevailed in dramas. This study analyzes Pakistani and specifically state oriented PTV dramas. It is of verbal, physical, psychological and symbolic. Dressings of females are very captivating in PTV dramas. Please enter your Password for confirmation. Some of the critics believe that content makers made content irresponsibly.

This drama has a particular theme song which added to the attraction of drama. Findings of content analysis present that Pakistan television drama is losing its credibility for which it was known in bnte past.


They elaborate it while finding the answer of the questions that why do people watch Pakistan television? Pakistan television presents all types of dramas like comedy and tragedy etc.

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Report Category Video contains prohibited content. How PTV is responding to that situation. It was the findings that government should make the policy of PTV as the free media from official suppression. Whether the drama of 21 st century based on thematic diversity than PTV drama of s?

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Symbolically, Pakistan television punished the deviant groups in its fictional and information contents. In this research, researcher has analyzed the drama of Pakistan television in two phases, the drama when it was on the peak and the modern drama.

PTV drama contents give eoisode to the official persons. Drama serial ankahi has Men wears were mostly Pakistani in s drama. The drama of 21 st century is changed with the passage of time in presentation of story by the characters through their acting.

The creeping cycle of desensitization theory explains that the content of mass media is toward increasing triviality, decreasing ada, of tastes and lowering moral standards? First factor was the discovery of steam engine which makes the possibility of making a number of copies of newspaper otherwise it was not possible with hand printing of newspaper. Second factor was a new type of newspaper. All All 0 Dislike 0.

Draama television drama is also an important medium which creates higher level of awareness among audience since its beginning. For example, hy-bye etc. Rukhshanda explored in a survey study to know the level of awareness among audience regarding social issue of women [ 6 ].