Dorothy seeing a chance grabs the paper thinking it is the Coord before Love can get it. She is soon met and promised the revenge she wishes to gain and joins the twin unit of Dorothy and Reona, which is led by the once-defeated Usagi. As the reach the school statue, many more girls confront Sophy about Hibiki, only to be chased off by Fuwari’s goats. At school everyone is talking when Sion is approached by Andou, who gives her a letter from Hibiki, asking her to meet him after school. This page was last edited on 4 February , at Laala attempts to talk to Sophy again outside of Pripara but still meets resistance from the Royal Guard. Still feeling they have no place in Sophy’s life, the royal guard still decide to disband.

In his penthouse apartment, Hibiki enters a secret room containing a diorama of the Dream Theatre with two model idols. In Pripara, Laala and the others decide to leave Dorothy to look after Jewlulu alone. As he is also the grandson of the academy’s founder, Gloria makes him acting principal. She manages to reach the eleventh floor where Laala and Mirei are waiting. The two dance as the Genius convinces her to become a princess and lead his dream team to victory in the Dream Parade, but are interrupted by Gaaruru who bites the Genius. Before the show Meganee reveals they will draw lots to decide teams, something Kuma had not found out about so Mirei scolds him.

Gaaruru, understanding Sophy’s feelings, tries to help her before the royal guard arrive in a helicopter with Falulu. Andou prevents them from entering Hibiki’s office so they force their way in.

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Dorothy and Reona head up to the high diving board and notice Love sitting on the edge looking at something. Sion Todo is a girl with whose skill in the episodd of Go is unmatched by anyone. As Laala watches Hibiki leave, she notices an idol refusing to trade Pritickets with another idol. Sion decides to go through with the request although she doesn’t understand why Hibiki would want to see her.


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One of the boulders goes off course, forcing Laala and the others to jump into the river. But Ajimi reveals solamu switched the tickets with fake ones and that she still has the real tickets.

Sneaking into Pripara she discovers Laala’s secret of being an idol and says she will inform the headmistress and have Laala’s PriTicket confiscated.

The three girls eposode up before performing their final Live of the day, with a new making drama. The two devices then exchange friends tickets and Ajimi and the Pripara Police perform two lives as a celebration of solving the mystery. Cosmo gives Fuwari her own PriTicket and upon scanning it enters Pripara in her new outfit.

Laala feeling downcast decides to put on the best performance she can in the hopes Nao will forgive her. The Parantula realises that the thread is filled with the hopes of the mascots cheering their idols on from the bottom of their hearts. Falulu meets up with everyone and begins to apologise for her miniatures’ behavior. From this point on, Hibiki is referred to as female. Despite Meganii and the Panda mascots best efforts they are unable to locate the thief.

Cosmo breaks down in tears seeing how unhappy her little sister is, but Laala vows to free her friend from her emotional cage. Sophy is hesitant while Sion directly refuses, before both girls leave Hibiki’s office. Laala feels that she has let everyone down and tries to apologise only for the audience to burst into song. Laala is shocked to learn that Headmistress Gloria and her mother used to know each other when they were younger.

Gloria then explains that the butterfly is Rina’s friend and episoe she ran into a wall while chasing it, causing her to be knocked unconscious. Everyone enters the elevator and begin guessing a numerical combination on the key pad, which Mirei correctly guesses. Mirei sees the error of her ways and finally embraces both sides of her personality. Gloria is determined to discover the reason behind Laala’s strange behaviour lately.


Falulu thanks him and he epusode her how much like a princess she is. Nene then appears and shows solaji the pictures of Sophy and Hibiki, believing that they are romantically involved, and that this is the reason she is being so energetic. As Gaaruru gets ready for her debut, Laala and Kuma come up with a plan to lure Mirei into Pripara under the pretext of returning her Pripass, Cyalume Charm and ticket bag.

Although Sophy politely refuses, Hibiki forces her to take it causing her to become super energized. As a result of the school festival, Headmistress Gloria decides to take revenge into her own hands sloami banning PriPara to not only elementary school children, but to all students!

She is soon met and promised the revenge she wishes to gain and joins the twin unit of Dorothy and Reona, which is led by the once-defeated Usagi. Meanwhile Gloria solamu a phone call from the mysterious prince concerning Fuwari and asks for her support in looking after her both at school and in Pripara, to which Gloria agrees. Security around the dream theatre is tightened as Cosmic Omurice 1 Vinci plan to perform their live to show off the Autumn Dream Parade Coord.

The team will then participate in the Dream Parade and ring the bell of beginnings and have their wish granted. It is also revealed that a unit can only be formed if there is a manager to witness the formation ceremony.