She also succeeds in pulling off 5 consecutive jumps. Bell overworks herself practicing for her Prism Show, during which she gets both frustrated and withdrawn. Ann’s grandmother visit her and reveals some secrets about her father. Realising the error of her ways, Natsuko accepts Ito’s and Kouji’s relationship. On the final score, Wakana wins and Ann goes back stage crying for her failures and her overconfidence to win so badly. She thanks Hiro in the end. Bell pulls off a seven consecutive jump chain.

Feathers of Courage” Transcription: Bell, Otoha, and Wakana win Dreaming Session. Legend of the Rainbow Kappa” Transcription: Rinne hijacks Naru’s Prism Show again, but they perform four consecutive duo jumps. This article does not cite any sources. She successfully performs three consecutive Prism Jumps.

However, she is unaware of the fact that the job interview features a Prism Prtety examination, in which applicants are required to do a Prism Show. Kazuki’s My Song debuts: Naru meets up with Ann at the buffet, and the two converse, with the former learning of Ann’s knowledge and skill in the art of making sweets.

Ann lends her a hand, and is offered a chance to work at Prism Stone, in charge of handle the shop’s sweets corner.

Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live – – Episodio 15

As the search for a new manager begins, the gang reminsices the past year as Prism Stars. Part one of the Dreaming Session eplsode Ito vs. The secret behind the accident involving Ito’s father and Kouji’s father gets revealed. Ito successfully pulls off three consecutive Prism Jumps. After hearing the truth from Kouji’s mother and her refusal to accept their relationship, Ito is devastated.

Hiro’s past as a poor kid with dancing in parks who got a grant from Edel Rose’s chairman is revealed. Rinne gets lost, and Naru attempts to find her, bumping into Kouji, who is a student of the school. Ann’s grandmother visit her and reveals some secrets about her father. Ann decides to call Rinne, but learns from Chisato that Rinne has disappeared – as she is already at Edel Rose, as discovered by Naru.

After Bell fails to do a Prism Live, her mother tells Bell that her Prism Show days are over and they will be moving to France tainbow order to focus on her violin, leaving Bell devastated.


However, the boy refuses, saying he isn’t going to give his songs to anyone. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Momo gogoanije of Peacock, who tells her that she must regain the Prism’s sparkle and return Rinne to the Prism World as fast as possible. Wakana decides to confess to Kazuki before her and Ann’s duo show, pulling along Ann to witness.

After that, Peacock Teacher calls all of them to the roof and open the Gogoankme Gate, but they lack only 1 member: Feathers of Courage” Transcription: Ito and Otoha perform their duo show and complete four consecutive jumps. Bell’s mother plans for her to perform a Prism Live at a party at Dear Crown.

She performs her first solo Prism Live and executes her consecutive jumps, confirming that the four jumps are no magic trick. Ito hasn’t done her summer homework yet so she doesn’t have time to write a new song for the Try Grooving Session.

However, Kouji arrives, saying he gave the song to Kazuki, allowing Ann to continue using the song as her My Song. After learning that Prism lives are not meant for scoring, Ann wanted to win by performing 3 jumps in a row.

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Rinne promised life show to kindergartners so Ann does one. But Naru and the others are worried because attempting to jump 3 in a row is too intense, but Ann shrugs it off. Wakana and Ann reaffirm their friendship after clearing up a misunderstanding that happened during their childhood.

However, they seem to be running into some problems They decide to confess together but, after seeing a pretty girl with Kazuki, conclude he has a girlfriend. Bell, Otoha, and Wakana win Dreaming Session. Or will her troubled past continue to haunt her?

Bell attempts to do five consecutive Prism Jumps at Heartbeat Session, but fails. However, Naru is unable to come up with something special to do at the event, but finds inspiration with the help of Rinne.


Ann meets the penguin-like Poppun, similar to Naru’s Lovelyn, peisode takes him home with her. Supervisor Norizuki is told off by several people, but only of whom actually affects him severely.

Excited at first, Naru immediately applies for the prefty. It is only when Naru regains her confidence while performing with Bell on stage does Lovelin reappear, having upgraded to the third evolution of the Seventh Coord, Platinum Style.

After Hiro begins mocking Kouji, Kazuki challenges him to a dance battle – if Kazuki were to win, the song will belong to Ann. Naru, with no experience and little time, fails to remember raihbow audition song’s choreography. However, the stages and the colors have become Black and Gray, which causes Naru to become scared and cry while her song continues.

Naru becomes worried that she didn’t get June’s autograph, much to Ann and Ito’s dismay.

Wakana goes first and sings her My Song: Later on, It’s Naru’s turn and goes to the stage and is about to perform her My song. It’s Naru’s turn to perform but she can’t change into her outfit, so Momo makes an outfit for her.

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Yuuki no Fezaa ” Japanese: Ito and Kouji and Otoha finally learn the truth behind Lucky Star and the pgetty which damaged their families. She successfully performs three consecutive Prism Jumps.

Ann and Wakana have sleepovers in order to get to know each other better. The Winter White Session has begun! Ito’s mother and brother visits her at the venue. She tries to pull off seven jumps but fails.