There was an accident in such and such and suddenly it’s on another website saying that. In order to meet the requirements of the Official Languages Act, transcripts of proceedings before the Commission will be bilingual as to their covers, the listing of the CRTC members and staff attending the public hearings, and the Table of Contents. As a result, these customers are disadvantaged, while valuable simulcast opportunities for NTV are lost. On veut qu’il fonctionne. We are a small company so all of that competitive information is relevant to somebody being able to compete against us. There is a market failure in the delivery of programming on conventional television. How would that manifest itself would depend on the amount and over time how quickly you did it.

I think that’s right in all cases, whether it’s on the bill or not. You’re basing it on expenditures. And if there isn’t much of a future in it under its current structure, why would we subsidize that structure and not look at ways to stimulate innovation and help people develop new structures, as many of you are, outside of this? We have nothing else to do at the CRTC; so it is going to keep us occupied. Ce n’est certainement pas moi. There are about three questions that you have asked in a row, and I am just going to try to deal with them.

The benefit of the LPIF fund has been to obviously create more programming for viewers. These devices are computer-like or computer-driven and frequent software changes dictate early hardware obsolescence.

In our case, Mr. As a group, we decided that we weren’t going to take a position on what the Commission should do with either the CBC or the vertically integrated companies. One of them is yours, Ms Spenrath. Cyrus nighty porno videolari.


If we follow that logic then, at the very least the fund should be scaled back to 1 percent? So maybe they are thinking that far down the road.

What suffers is local programming. That’s our first problem. We will get to advertising. Well, the first thing we do is we do what we tend to do whenever we expand in a market, which is we would go to the people who are in the market who might be interested in using aavance service and find out from them what it is they would need from us.

Another concern raised by the Commission is whether the LPIF recipients should, in the future, be required to demonstrate incremental spending on local programming. Oh, no, I am not talking about businesses, I am talking about the average cable subscriber. Kingston and Peterborough are carried in standard definition on all of the satellites. Is that generating revenues for you or is that free?

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Vous pouvez clairement les distinguer. You say that the LPIF offsets the absence of retransmission regime. That’s a pretty impressive set, by the way, that he was in front of there.

We have nothing else to do at the CRTC; so it is going to keep us occupied. That’s not true anymore. I just wonder would you attribute that to the improvements you have made as a result of the LPIF.

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Okay, here is what we think is reasonable profitability, given the objectives of the fund, and given the fact that it is aance straight subsidy and is meant to achieve certain purposes, but, beyond that, you know, we don’t think it is legitimate to continue. When there was an outcry about whether we should be doing this from certain competitors. Au contraire, nous avons dit exactement le contraire. We do have a priority for kids. Ce ne sont pas mes chiffres.


Vice Chairman, we do that and it’s great and it’s fantastic and we’re doing the best we can. Then that would make your following year even more difficult. Commissioner, would be, do they have less profit? It’s, as I said before, what has everyone else done? And it’s just a trend that’s right svance the country this year.

So, as Commissioner Molnar commented, I think that is certainly commendable, and we do see the results. Why can’t it end?

That takes not just viewers but also revenue. Help me understand that. That’s on the record. How much of that national sales decline is linked to local production, because it would seem to me that your local production and your local news would be primarily local time sales. We report well under that amount currently. You epislde millions avanve on foreign programming. For example, yesterday Bell mentioned automated technologies.

Greg Stirling at the end, a Director of Newfoundland Broadcasting. That is down from about 39, 40 percent last year.