Attaches to the grip screw bushings and is held in place by the grip panels. Overall reliability was very good. Have you experienced any failures to feed or failures to function? The brass case is shortened, and given a bottle neck to accept the 40 grain. I am looking for the base pad as in the picture or a replacement base pad that will fit the factory magwell also is there a base pad that will fit the factory magwell that will add capacity? I so thoroughly enjoyed shooting this pistol that I ended up kicking in another 9mm rounds from my own stocks.

This combo model includes an ambidextrous extended thumb safety, magazine well, forward slide serrations, full-length dustcover with Picatinny rail slots, and fully adjustable rear sight. New for , Rock Island Armory is planning to release their new Tactical double stack in the next few months. The finish was even across the frame and slide with just a few light scratches in the operation area of the thumb safety. June The Rock Island Armory is made primarily of steel, and wears a matte black finish, except for the barrel, which is left in the white. I was happier when shooting off-hand at 10 and 15 yards. These grips do not fit the Rock Island Double stack pistols.

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Retrieved 9 September Again, these symptoms did not show up until a significant number of rounds were put through the handgun, but the number of users who reported these problems steared me away from this platform entirely until the bugs could be worked out, and until it became a truly viable product.

Is this a change the manufacturer made? This also means big deals for consumers throughout and more sales for dealers and distributors. Getting a cleaning kit for your Rock Island should be a high priority on your list of accessories to grab. On target results were pretty good at 25 yards from the bench rest. Learn more about our Dealer Stocking Program here.


The new Armscor A2 High Capacity Tactical model is outfitted to hold up to 17 rounds of your favorite. After the filming fun, I got down to business with accuracy testing and chronographing.

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Industry’s Top Warranty Get your firearm registered today. Accuracy from the bench at 25 yards was good and off-hand groups at 10 and 15 yards were pleasingly small.

Visit us pistooa www. Rock Island Armory MA2 4. Running at pressures up to 40, psi, the. This really does shoot nearly as accurately as both of my previous Kimber Classic and Colt Gold Cup ‘s did heresy I know, but it is what it is.

Only have about rounds thru it so not quite broken in and zero issues.

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Cant beat the price. MA1, the standard issue US Service pistol from to Rock Ultra CCO The Rock is also a popular tourist spot where folks swim and surf, and etched onto each and every Rock Island Armory slide. This full-sized comes in a parkerized finish for high corrosion resistance and includes synthetic rubber checkered grips for a comfortable, natural feel with the grip safety. The match trigger is steel, while the mainspring housing and grips are plastic.

Retrieved from ” https: Heading to the range, I had a really good idea what was in store for me from the. If you add an extended beavertail to the gun, you must either bob the hammer or install a Commander style hammer. No frame modification is required, but slight modification to the grip panel may be necessary unless relieved grips are used.

The experience impressed two things upon me. I have changed out the grips on the MS and the front sights on both, but other than that, have had no issues and enjoyed excellent performance. For some people, this terminal performance is satisfactory for defensive purposes. Just the same, a compact is faster into action than practically any 9mm compact or a short-barrel revolver. Should you select one of our IWB models, ride height and grip cant can be adjustable as well.


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Black G10 Sight Configuration: The single stack magazine holds eight rounds of hard-hitting. I changed the spring to 10 lbs, as someone suggested, but haven’t played with arrmscor enough to verify it’s any better. Sections of this page.

The pistol ships with one round magazine that is fitted with an extended base pad to accommodate the additional grip length of the magazine well. Rpactical will have a good right out of the box.

The shoulder of the case is the same as a 9x19mm cartridge. The testing was done with an early model Rock Agmscor Armory single-stack.

Rock Island Armory Tactical. This is a standard grip safety. Rock Island Armory’s most well optioned line of pistols built in the traditional 70 series design.

New forRock Island Armory is planning to release their new Tactical double stack in the next few months.

Have you experienced any failures to feed or failures to function? Also provides for a more consistent grip, resulting in greater accuracy. In recent years Rock Island Armory has been steadily making a name for themselves by producing quality pistols at affordable prices.

Variants of Rock Island Armory pistols include: I have had no issues with the pistols, but I also am a stickler about keeping them clean. Though my interest in IDPA competition waned, the Spartan 9mm quickly became a favorite and has accompanied me to the range a great many times over the postola.

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