My previous house has Andersen casements that never leaked a drop for over twenty years and through many storms. Argon Gas requires insulating glass. The windows were originally to be installed in the beginning of August that got moved to the end of August did happen. PGT windows are perhaps best known for their hurricane windows, but they also offer a range of options for more typical residential applications as well as commercial windows for larger projects. New construction warranties are often shorter than replacement window warranties so even if you did get it, it may be expired by now. We had 14 PGT vinyl single hung windows put in back in March.

WinGuard also protects against outside noise, break-ins, UV rays and high energy bills. Katie, the Go-to Girl for Windows, writes You will have window companies calling you. The has been retired along with the Premier View line and the new line was launched a few years ago. I was also having my ceilings refinished and crown molding installed throughout my home. Read more about French Door FD

Installation of the glass into the slider is on me. I have another one hazing yet again now. PGT is a popular sseries. Here you can see a list of all of their product lines: Pgt has had numerous complaints with the BBB on the west coast of Florida. What I went through never again.

You will have window companies calling you. I wish that had been the case when we were starting to build. Their naming and numbering system certainly leaves a little to be desired. Is PGT responsible enough to replace. I wonguard afraid that would be removing material that could make the miter weak, not to mention the aesthetic hit that grinding surely would have produced.

No wonder they delaminate and fall apart? Thanks for your time. Did your neighbor call the company that installed them and ask them to fix it up?


Over the next yrs I had fish eyeing and or hazing in another windows to which to their credit they eventually came out and replaced them. We are thankful for you!

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They are available in monolithic glass, laminated glass, insulating glass, or laminated insulating glass. They can get cut winguadd sizes to replace your windows, this can be done in place of a missing sales order number. Katie, the Go-to Girl for Windows, writes Not at all impressed with this company. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Their warranty is useless in my view and according pgg trade data they import from china.

Good luck getting it fixed. Numerous problems couple of cracked windowsa warp sash 1 very large window is warped which they will need to return for. See, we told you their product lines can get 7700. We already had a warranty service call in the works with PGT to come out and fix the bad miter in the top left corner of all bottom sashes.

They do make several small parts in-house, they have small injection molding machines for parts 7770 tilt latches, screen corners. Leave this field empty. Versatile window with winguarv left or right horizontally rolling sash A wide range of styles and sizes including XOX, a left and right moving sash with a fixed center panel.

Chris seed just let him finish and see it then. The balance system is a spring coil balance that is way outdated at this point. They had a really good, kind and considerate install team. We are replacing 15 windows and a slider, all basically seried grade, in a Central Florida home. Get it figured out and dial it in. According to reading that site there was a manufacturing problem in We want them back at the house, serirs the PGT field service rep. At first I thought it was poor installation, then I noticed that it was not around the window frame, but actually from a poor seal of the casement window itself.


Hidid you ever decide on a window? Sometimes in the design process there are compromises made due to design constraints. I spoke with a corporate rep at the International Builders Show last month.

I will keep pushing until I get things corrected.

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You all got me worried. Other industry insiders winguadd told me that PGT grew too large too fast and are having wingyard growing pains. They said only purchaser gets warranty. New construction warranties are often shorter than replacement window warranties so even if you did get it, it may be expired by now.

One of the glass panels popped into several hundred pieces. WinGuard also protects against outside noise, break-ins, UV rays and high energy bills. I noticed when I sprayed the windows with a hose, water poured into the window and into the house. Their winuard are definitely not made in China. I understand Anderson is entering the market in Florida with impact windows. I was all excited about how they looked at first too, then I noticed the top left miter and how the stile and rail were not flush.

Well, it is glass and anything can break.