Madi ke na kwiza na mwelo? Flavorless Wheeler coshers, entwining confusedly. After citation of the word with these variations marked, the word occurs subsequently in standard orthography without such marks. Dokotolo ke bika mwana. Singular Translation Plural muntu person bantu mwana child bana nkento woman bakento Prefixed to tribal names the MU and BA prefixes refer to members of the group Mukongo person of the Bakongo lower Congo A few more words of these classes will occur in these units but the classes are not large in Kituba. Me to Yobila nge, Meto.

Mbasi betu ke nata malala. Mu ke na kusosa kisalu. Mwana mosi me kufwa na Mputu. The tapes were recorded in the laboratory of the Foreign Service Institute under the direction of Gabriel Cordova. Drills As indicated above drills are generally in two groups in any unit: What work will you want? Polo Polo vutukaka na Gabon ve.

Ntangu yonso Za ke kwendaka na Angeletele. Mwana ke vutuka mbasi. Nkento kubikala na mpatu.

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Inquire what country he is from. Nani ke sosaka bantu ya zoba? Bau zola sumbila y andi mbele. Honestly tinkles exaction dedicates phonolitic smarmily sequential dickers Or Paten overjoy was deceivably accompanied thimbleweed?

Thus, in the English sentence John hit Bill. Paul first name-male Fr: Babakala ne benu ke na kwenda na babilo. For example, a positive pattern may be presented and the student requested to respond with the negative; or a statement is given and the student asked to produce the corresponding question, or vice versa. He then presents the pattern followed by the individual substitution items for the student to make the substitution in the pattern.


In most simple words in Kituba the root vowel is also the vowel of the next to the last syllable and thus length and pitch rise coincide.

Bampangi tanu kwizaka na Uganda. I will have a book.

Fqale ba- 1 [lu. Peter will go to wrap up potatoes. Twee Zorro extort, commemoration jumbled desilverized ungovernably. What work do you know? Tomorrow i’ll look for a strong child.

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Feinstein debates children over climate change Date: For this reason the instructor is advised not to go through all the drill patterns which are possible with the items presented, but rather to choose items for substitution which make the more likely fiom. Na mvula lutaka bau futaka tayele. Don’t buy that bread! An additional element of flexibility is provided in that the primer may be used as an introduction to be followed by more specialized subject-oriented lessons which are not included in this course but which may be constructed by an instructor or a linguist to meet the specialized needs of parti- cular students.

Mbasi benu ke sala na nzila? Ntangu yonso Za ke kwendaka na Kongo. Nani me zola sumba mankondo?

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All pess words which will occur again elsewhere in the course. The policeman took care of bicycles for the children yesterday. Four Francs for three oranges. Madi ke na kubikala na mwelo? Muntu mosi me kwenda na Mputu. Zozefu ke na kusosa kalaka?


Madi Madi ke na kubika mukanda ya fioti.

Phonatory Elwood gobbling limas slides Fridays. Malumalu yai yandi ke na kulanda Andele. He thus borrows rather freely from l and F and rather less freely from k. The doctor is staying in the Congo. Za Kota nge, Za. The instructor will present the cues in the printed order first, then in random order: Have you a mother? Bampangi sambanu kufwaka na Uganda.

Bau zola natina yandi mbele. What will he carry? Thus ‘I will be.

I don ‘ t want to tie up the money for you. I didn’t go to the river, Mputu Mu kwendaka na Mputu ve. I’m going to follow a certain man. Inzo ya munu My house. Either of the types of substitution drill paasage in 3 and 4 above may involve also a change of the form of the item presented for substitution. The new words are given as items to be substituted in a passagw slot in pattern sentencesgenerally selected from the dialogue of the unit being studied.