The trilogy of episodes from were phenomenal and beautifully closed off the HR story arc and gave Carter a fitting exit. Maechi Aharanwa as Gate Agent. Robot Season 2 Subtitles Mr. There was the literal dark, as the rolling brownouts that accompanied every single episode finally led to a blackout across the city Mr. Critics Review the 91st Academy Awards Telecast. John Eric Parker as Security Officer. Robot season 1 episode 1 Online eps1.

Chloe Cheng as Kai Lin. Sep 25, Rating: Gregory Wooddell as Eric Mathers. Ryan Garbayo as Male Receptionist. Meanwhile, an adversary tries to take advantage of Root. Elliot is torn between accepting a job offer from an evil corporation and joining the fsociety hacker group.

Stephanie Gibson as Leslie. Robot Season 1 Episode 6, Elliot tries to hack Vera out of jail in order to save someone he cares about while Angela digs deeper into her mother’s death. Robot Season 1 Episode 6 online here at putlocker-hd. Robot Episode 4 Season 1; Mr. Nicholas Kohn as Detention Guard 1. Robot Episode 7 Season 1; Mr. Finch receives 38 numbers at once from the Machine. While Vanessa has put away many a criminal over her storied career, Jeremy has let many go as a flashy and high-priced defense attorney.

Elaine Tan as Kelli Jiao Lin. Chagmion Antoine as Reporter 2. The series follows a mysterious anarchist who recruits a young computer programmer, Elliot, who.


Matt Dellapina as Officer Brady. Shaw is tasked to stay close to a year-old identified by The Machine, who is wanted by the Russians. Robot Season 1 Subtitles Mr. Robot, a promising new ten-part drama starring Mr Robot – Season 1 Mr Robot talks about Elliot, a years old young programmer.

Person of Interest – Season 3 Review

All in all though, an enjoyable outing. Samm Levine as Owen.

Danger closes in when the epic battle to bring the criminal organization HR to justice reaches new heights. Antonio Edwards Suarez as Thug 1. The fourth season of the award-winning drama is set to launch in The team gets involved in a case of international politics when a former government contractor stalks a U.

Robot didn’t movje2k pull the trigger on the f-society vs. Chris Bert as Young Harold. Carson Elrod as Todd. Paulina Singer as Amber. Enrico Colantoni as Carl Elias. Robot Season 1 Episode 1 Online on Putlocker.

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Robot Full episodes list of Season 1. Robot Episode 6 Season 1; Mr.

Root is captured and tortured. Maechi Aharanwa as Gate Agent.

Robot Season 1 Episode 1 watch online. Critics Review the 91st Academy Awards Telecast. Reese and Shaw go to a H. While John and Shaw work with Harold to save people whose numbers comes up, the Machine tasks Root with a mysterious objective separate from the numbers; meanwhile an organization called Decima works on building a second machine that could undermine everything that Harold and John have been working for.


Remember me Forgot password? Robot ended its first season on a more emotionally contemplative note. Robot Season 1 Episode 1 Putlocker, watch Mr. Casey Biggs as Davis. Create a free acount to gain access to tons of cool features like subscribing to your favorite tv shows and receiving notifications when a new episode is released.

Morocco Omari as Carlson. Julian Shatkin as Aaron Hollenberg. Robot is a stylistic techno thriller from USA. Battle of Gods Eps 1 HD. Robot Season 1, Episode 8 Spoilers.

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Tom Tammi as Neal Jenkins. Robot – Season 1 – Mr. Kyle Sutton as Alex Wiley.