Later in her line of work, In-ha discovers Choi Dal-po’s real identity is Ki Ha-myung and is disgusted by what her mother Cha-ok did to his family during the fire accident. Midori November 13, at Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo — Being blunt and sharp-edged is way better than being a wallflower. But Dal-po just shout back the names of the deceased firefighters, along with their birthdays, their allergies, their family situations, what girl groups they like, and the way they take their coffee. With his new life and new family, at least young dalpo doesn’t have to suffer from society’s misjudge and annoying reporters. I’m treading cautiously but I think it has a lot of hope and potential. Hope it’s not an exact copy.

Refusing to sell to the wife? Ha-myung, who has no one else in the world, embraces the deception and treats Gong-pil as his father. Just believe in this drama team kkk. Learn more More Like This. I like this article. I decided to read it first before watching for a change and am glad I did. We just accept it as a truth in this universe.

While You Were Sleeping What is the name of the American actor whose name is associated with this concept? What I’ve learned from the pilot was, how a little lie could affect someone’s life.

This episode’s a bit like Slumdog Millionaire. The fledgling friendship between Dal-po and In-ha is dashed, however, when he learns that In-ha’s mother is none other than Song Cha-ok. Thus, Dal-po and In-ha become rookies at rival networks, and among their colleagues are Seo Beom-jo, who comes from a rich, sheltered chaebol background and has a connection to In-ha via a choo cellphone number, and Yoon Epmeran, once an idol sasaeng fan who now uses those obsessive and determined traits in her new job.


I hope the brothers actually gets a chance to meet each other soon.

Dal-po looks into the camera, as if looking back at Hyung. In Ha not hiccupping just means she doesn’t kakxk him Nam Da-Reum is a relatively new actor to me, but i think he brings it really well!! Meanwhile, In Ha is continually let down by her mother’s coldness toward her. I personally cringe at it, but I understand why people do not mind it.

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It’s the story of two people who live in the same era but in different worlds. Grandpa introduces Dad and In-ha as his little brother and niece, and insists that Dal-po should call Dad by his name, Dal-pyung.

Retrieved from ” https: Nat December 22, at 8: Refusing to sell to the wife? It seems the writer might be setting this drama up to be an examination of the sometimes complex implications of telling lies both the well-meaning and malignant kind and telling the truth whether it be simple fact or harsh and unvarnished reality.

Dal-po takes his place onstage and feels the need to point out that his entire school has 34 students, which technically makes him last place.

His intro montage is a sight to behold, and every single jaw in the classroom drops. Choi In-ha 20 episodes, Official pemerqn [South Korea].

Retrieved April 9, Pincchio there are many actresses who don’t do passionate kisses. Mika November 13, at 8: The Gift of the Magi [nb 14]. With the bet in place, Dal-po uses his pinoccchio time to address the camera: Awalnya kurang tertarik karena yang main lee jong suk. Hope it’s not an exact copy.

No, manager’s lie did contribute to the hating AND he did not lie to cover for his employees but himself.


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Park Ro Sa 20 episodes, In a lecture held by Cha-ok, In-ha stood up against her and in the process revealing to Jae-myung that Ha-myung, his dead brother, is actually alive. Does Jung In-ki die every time he plays a firefighter? People are acting like she cant act if she doesn’t kiss Kim Gong-joo 20 episodes, The Director has a lot of input.

What I liked about it was the fact all the hate started from a lie about the father still being alive. Waiting for reporter mom to get her comeuppance. Later in pinicchio line of work, In-ha discovers Choi Dal-po’s real identity is Ki Ha-myung and is disgusted by what her mother Cha-ok did to his family during the fire accident.

Kdramas seem to have more than their share of female characters with ice water running through their veins, you knowone dimensional character tropes lacking only a mustache to twirl Nam Da Reum young Dal Pyo was especially awesome and did a great job of getting me rrama invested early on.

Probably preaching to the choir but it’s hard not to rant about a beautiful actress or a handsome actor being subjected to adl an unflattering hairstyle or wig. English titles are adapted chi iTunes Storeand credits from Naver Dram. I think it has a lot to do with the character shes playing and maybe even the director.