This can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple of weeks. Paro Deez is very divisive, it seems. Honestly, I kinda hate my voice at times. And what are your thoughts on Queen Mother’s new album? Which is why I can’t quite put them out as frequently as I’d like. At first the segments come across as petty and superficial, primarily because the “stars” are often very young and are pop-culturally evasive to many of us older folks. And I can’t blame them. Google and YouTube are pretty much what I use to research information.

I never thought of myself as a true comic, but I love to create, and I’m familiar with editing so I thought, why not? The only feedback I get is from the people who click on the videos. I had to think hard about what type of show to make first. I know very little about anything, but I can pretend to know more than I actually do about a few topics — namely, beer, art, shoes, and that’s about it. You broach many important but oftentimes sensitive subjects — e. I’m no impersonator by any means, but I surprise myself every now and then.

It trail-blazed through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and all types of blogs.

Sometimes I create random narratives, and sometimes I create videos on the spot based on juicy current events. Well, I don’t want to oversell it, so I’ll just say that it’s only one of the most brilliant online features today.

Google and YouTube are pretty much what I use to research information. I still think the internet yes, lowercase “i,” I’m taking a stand is for porn, cat memes, and YouTube trolls.

Miley Cyrus was one of my first characters, and ultimately the easiest. Putting forth a country-slash-urban accent is a lot of fun. I try not to overthink them, and let the characters basically speak through me. With so much racial tension — among many other cultural, national, and worldly issues — sometimes we all just need a break. I actually do it all myself.

But don’t read it until or unless you’ve watched a few of the Paro Deez segments.

Is this conscientiously important to you, or is it more a product of your intuitive creativity? Again, I never thought of myself as any type of comedian or funny guy. After becoming so obsessed and spoiled with laughter, I seasoh to take a stab at trying it out. She is slaying the game right now, which is exactly why I call her “The Adelecalypse. Not everyone has had the same experiences I have had to relate to the very nuanced humor I use.


Paro Deez Is Ratchet As F*ck

The jabs and quarrels cover everything from street cred to recreational self-medication; from racism to feminism. Sometimes I hate the way a voice will come out, or it will come out sounding like another character, and I’m like “screw it, I’m running with it!

Music and songwriting are also very deep passions of mine. I wasn’t surprised, mind you, but merely impressed.

Are you a one-person operation, or do you enlist the feedback and assistance of others? As I always say: It took a few years of in and out, back and forth, but I got my B.

I call it the Miley test as in Miley Cyrus. You broach many important but oftentimes sensitive subjects — e. My friends and I now use it as litmus test of character among people we’ve known for years. The friends who get it are IN; the friends who don’t get it are put on a list. As for now, the dedication to the subscribers pushes me to get them done.

I have always had a very creative soul, and have always been into the arts: But people have given me a reason to reach for higher goals and to push myself. Hopefully one day, if my channel reaches the levels of Bart Baker and other big shots, I can hire a staff to assist with the scouting and editing of the footage, and other areas of the process.

Speaking of Miley, she’s one of the main characters of Paro Deez, and she’s a force with which to be reckoned. These videos provide an escape for me at times, yet still I remain conscious of what’s real. No one was really featuring a lot of white female pop stars, and a revelation did indeed happen. Basically, the creator takes clips of young pop stars being interviewed on a host of television programs, and then splices them together, creating a dialogue and a narrative among the pop stars rooted in dhite, obloquies, and brutal oneupmanship.


And you do so cavalierly, yet so fairly relatively speaking. I have never previewed or demoed a video or concept before anyone. My greatest hope is to create a catalog of timeless art, and develop a following of dedicated people who girle look at my channel to reference feel-good moments.

And thus, Ratchet White Girls was born, and here we are fifty videos later. They are probably the most reliable source for leads to the scoop. And it’s all done with such originality and such aplomb — both earned and unearned. What was the impetus to create Paro Deez?

Ratchet White Girls – Gaga Thoughts – Gaga Daily

But then, after watching the segments ten to fifteen times in a row, you get absolutely hooked in spite of the real pro personalities, but because of the invented, parodic ones. It’s really down to the celebrity character. And of course you can expect more ratchet quarreling between new roommate, Jojo, kicked-out, Kesha, and head of the house, Miley.

Or do you let the spliced segments speak for themselves? And how do you find and decide on the various segments? How do you settle on those hilarious voices? It is excruciatingly tedious at times, but the response from fans is always so gratifying. I recently interviewed ratchey creator of Paro Deez, who was so articulate and insightful.

Where do you get your information, and why paaro you place emphasis on jokes and digs that are often ratcchet by actual facts? Talk about how you “grant” the characters their personas.

In the honor of the great Joan Rivers, sometimes comedy is about taking the deepest, darkest, most twisted things in life and figuring out a way to laugh about them so that you, if only for a moment, escape the pain.