Forgot password Forgot Username. Up till Sherdils’ K-8P aircraft were painted in the overall white color scheme with red and blue stripes. Have you accomplished it? Proud of our army.. His 2nd in command followed suit and escaped on a bicycle and took refuge in Amritsar. After so many live and resource lost what is the achievement?

Having set out for the Lahore Gymkhana, he instead ended up in Amritsar to be court martialled. There was no friendly Kashmiri network for Pakistanis help. Please write about that too. I replied that I recalled it was my sixth and last attack and while exiting the theatre, I saw a jeep with a flag which I shot I shot at and saw a figure jumping out before the bullets hit the jeep. The whole nation salutes our Armed Forces. The facts brought up clearly brought out the evil designs and poor coordination.

And also article did not include any thing where he has to bring NK into it. We Pakistanis are forever in debt to our brave soldiers of the air, land and sea. According to history, the 12 Div.

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As inevitably we salute all those who died on both sides. Had the plan, which had been fully rehearsed with aircrafts and the best pilots of the PAF made available, paff IAF would have incontrovertibly lost over 50 fighters. These men were recruited largely from the Muzaffarabad area with the guidance paet a single regular Azad Kashmir battalion and were interspersed with a smattering of highly trained commandoes.


It would be instructive to understand the disadvantage our forces had suffered owing to the same failure of leadership and mindset. Rob well try us. It is still not too late to realise thus correct our course and start working for the quality of life of our people on both sides of the divide, there in lies victory for us all.

Forgot password Forgot Username. The issue is that the nation has not yet held accountable the Shedil while they were in power.

The writer is a retired air commodore and author of the bestseller Flight of the Falcon: India detonated in – I guess. List of aerobatic teams.

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It reflects the courage and bravery of our Armed forces. Most of the evasive manouevers for safety of formation members were developed during this drzma. It was the first mission of war assigned to No.

So calm down Malik Sahib. No even pak lost land in Kashmir. But suddenly there was eerie quiet and we wondered what Gen ;art was planning.

PAF to perform combat exercises on motorway. – video dailymotion

General Schwartzkopf could have captured Baghdad in Well it is best to call the war a drawn match. Well written and very informative. The name of both these Heroes be remembered and highlighted in all functions celebrated in military cantonements of Pakistan. We should hope that we won’t have to write such stories again.


Sep 08, It is only by doing so that we can secure our future. We Pakistani’s need to learn from our mistakes fast, and the Indian side has a case study of mistakes that it can avoid. Not just for defending our beloved country so gallantly but also in paart attempts to bring out the fallacies of the high command before and during the war. It is nothing against MM Alam.

And so it was that, without a modicum of strategic shwrdil or proper contingency planning or preparation; without any known networking with local elements or even their sympathy, Op Gibraltar was launched.

Salam to all pak martyrs of war. In any war truth is the first casualty. Retrieved from ” https: Once this happens, the repetition of these follies by the top command will stop. Thanks Yes, just like wherdil war, the brave soldiers of Pakistan were sent to make East Pakistan pure like the West. So they were not still fighting fit. Pilots of the Sherdils are not dedicated aerobatics pilots like other famous aerobatics teams. They continued to be manipulated by supper powers and remain in conflict.