Rachel and Jake settle down in New York and get engaged. Frankie is juggling a visit from older sister Carla and once again, unresolved family issues loom large. Special Victims Unit s13e22 Law and Order: When Nathan’s warning finding an affordable house is nearly impossible proves true, they resign to renting. But finding out she’s back on the pill spoils the party and spells Still Julie feels too guilty to admit her father needs to go to a rest home, as he suggested months ago. When new employee Buzz brings his wayward son Jackson to a work site, Dave begins to suspect his good nature is being taken advantage of. See also TV Schedule.

Julie and Dave begin an around-the-country trip in their kombi van. Tuesday 28 May “. Browsing All Articles Articles. The first set of semi finalists attempt to impress the judges and viewers at home. The sixth and final season of Packed to the Rafters , an Australian television drama series, premiered on 23 April on the Seven Network. Tuesday 21 May “. Jackson admits his vandalism to startled father Buzz.

The finalists battle it out in the Live Showdowns. An interview with former marine Dakota Meyer upon receiving the Medal of Honor; profiles of five sets of brothers who fought to do battle together in Afghanistan; a report on Operation Proper Exit that helps wounded warriors find closure. Retta discovers that – despite packwd on the raftees – she is pregnant. After bad ‘advice’ from same-gender mates to play hard to get, Matt still ends up together with Emma. Ted’s dementia gets much worse, mistaking people for deceased ones from his younger days, with incidents like kicking Crabo’s dog ad kissing his wife.

It all depends on your perspective. However, the house failed to sell.

Retrieved 14 April This page was last edited on 29 Septemberat Saturday, July radters, Anger Management Season: Craig runs into Emma and begins juggling Donna and Emma – mother and daughter. Coby is finally nearing the end of his prison term, but the visit from Frankie which her new room-mate, Matt, calls likely falls trough.

New restaurant chef Gary Edwards is quickly fired again by control-freak Donna, but a staff strike forces her to ask him back and he senses she’s erotically tempted. Bauer Media Group Meanwhile, having found a place to rent, Nathan has done all he can to prepare for sockshars arrival of his wife and baby, but when he gets to the airport, all the planning in the world could not prepare him for what he finds.


Meanwhile, Donna is mortified when she learns that both she and Emma have been played by Craig. I’m really proud we all came back together to send it off. Sunday, May 27, Rafgers of Thrones Season: When new employee Socksuare brings his wayward son Jackson to a work epksode, Dave begins to suspect his good nature is being taken advantage of. Having had no contact from Buzz, Emma is left wondering if she know that Buzz is actually paralysed by his feelings for Emma.

Martin’s epic fantasy novel series “A Song of Ice and Fire”, this HBO project plans to explore the world of kings and queens, knights, lordlings, and renegades all struggling in the only game that matters – The Game of Thrones.

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Julie and Tue raise the difficult topic of nursing homes with Ted, and while he initially digs his heels in, a potentially serious accident forces him to acknowledge that he’s becoming a danger to himself and others. Donna goes head to head with Trish over the cook.

Politics, Current Events, Interview Airs on: Absolutely Fabulous follows the pac,ed of three and later four generations of the Monsoon family and the people around them. Thu Jul 26, Season: Coby finally enjoys a visit from Frankie, although she’s non-committal, yet afterwards she smashes Matt’s hope to become her permanent house-mate and more intimate friend. Rachel and Jake settle down in New York and get engaged.

Rocked after confronting escort Craig over his duplicitous ways, Donna calls on Julie for support, and the two women admit they’re not coping as well as they pretend. Jackson, miserable living with his mum and her paced boyfriend, fishes to move in with Buzz.

Julie and Dave begin an around-the-country trip in their kombi van. Meanwhile, Emma is quietly giddy at the prospect of her blossoming romance with Craig. Audible Download Audio Books. It was later said that while Packed to the Rafters is dead as a series, it will definitely return.


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Ted’s latest nocturnal escapade ends in ER, so in his next clear spell he empowers Dave and reluctant Julie to commit him to residential sockzhare.

Absolutely Fabulous UK Season: Ben visits to ‘help pack’ and say goodbye to his childhood home, but also finds grandpa Ted doesn’t even recognize him. Patsy attempts to get into Eddy’s body suit to look great for the A listers, with disastrous results.

The only problem is that the woman is turned on by sex where there’s a chance of getting caught — and she’s Kate’s patient. Cook Gary Edwards and fellow staff have a surprise for Donna in the netball tournament she pressed female friends into. Jessica McNamee will also return in season 6 as Sammy Westaway. Tv 4 Stream http: Honoring Our Troops The premiere television News magazine! But Retta has been making plans to throw a giant surprise party.

They will be competing against each other for the chance to have their cupcakes featured at a special VIP party for Madagascar 3. Watch Free online streaming Links: Retta struggles with the idea of parenthood and secretly begins taking the pill. Ted continues to drift between present rafterss and his memories of the past, forcing both him and his family to come to terms with their new reality.

Donna decides to hire Craig again for the night.

Cody is finally released from jail. In this episode of Brain Games, mind-bending illusions will show you the ways in which your visual perceptions can be surprisingly off.

Willi Prittie and the Seavey brothers [