He said that he wants some recommendation letter. Friend, nobody caught you. How will you trash us? Since I have increased the stroke length of the piston.. Let’s build a beautiful home. Well, that’s about it gentlemen. It’s my mistake to tell you.

I will peel your skin. Now let’s take a look at what we have done on the Indian models. Rotate and clean it like this. Why did you talk like that last evening? Mechanic, know your limitations. Everybody knows me here. Why do you act smart when we are asking? Tell me by opening your mouth.

I am angry with myself. I should feel your breath always. You filled my life with happiness.

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youuku Don’t know when we get this kind of chance to kiss. He will never do any mistake. Can’t he ask for the same? She is not here. Mother, you should buy me the same jewellery like this.

You are not allowing me to sit inside Your plan will get foiled. Just for fun since they were asking me. Leave him for my sake. Aishu was brought up like an angel. They are stills searching for us.


Police will take care of it.

That is what you were telling to her. What should I do? This is what you wish to tell. Can’t you bear for sometime?

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You withdrew money from ATM. How can I propose in the first meeting? Forgive him Mother, only this time.

Brother, you look at your work. She is talking like a small child. When I am standing in front. Do you know how shameful it is to me if you cry?

I am too planning for long to have a register marriage. Two people go inside fkll once and get the work done. Your wife is younger than my wife. Let’s build a beautiful home. These are all your father’s traits. Should I keep the respect of our telugu people in this way too?

They are all doubles inside. Look, he has started recently. This is the first time he movue leaving me and daughter. Am I not good looking? She was dying for you. Do as you are told. European cars are the best in the world. We will show our younger son-in-law’s horoscope. Are you done with your ears? Sister-in-law, brother-in-law might feel bad.


Are you my love?

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He is much better than your moustache fellow. No double meaning in it. Didn’t learn to speak Hindi till now. I pity your father. First of all, kill him.

Are your parents not at home? I though you are sleeping. What are you doing at this hour in the rain, Vaishnavi? I will tell you.

Tell me if you don’t like it. So what is the principal of multiple transform?

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How did he come and go. Whose vehicle is it? Will you give me divorce for fun? We will be fixed.