Daniel reassures her that Terese and Brad will be ok. I liked seeing down the corridor that leads to the toilets at The Waterhole. Love Kate Kendall, like Lauren but she isn’t half obsessed with Brad, no matter what she says. Imogen tells Daniel it would be nice if Oliver could stay the night to give everyone something else to focus on. It’s pretty natural to avoid talking about traumatic events. He asks if she’s heard from Matt, but she says he’s busy with the storm clear – up. No 32 Alice calls round to see Bailey. You’re scared of rats?!

Imogen comes in with a shirt she’s found hanging in a tree. Daniel Robinson Meyne Wyatt She doesn’t want to, but brusquely thanks him for the offer. The Rebecchis were adorable. It’s not the Bailey I’m used to. Lassiter’s Complex As the clean – up continues, Alice is looking more sombre, and comes over to talk to Bailey.

Bailey shows up with the lunch Matt made for Lauren.

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Perhaps they neihbours have made everyone look a bit wetter though! It’s not fun if you don’t bite back! You can’t solve this. Bailey’s heading down to Lassiter’s to help with the clean – up, so Lauren gives him a packed lunch to take to Matt.


I need you at your best so we can keep being arch frenemies. Willow finds Dean drunk and refusing to go to court. Home and Away What I’ve been through isn’t the same. I’m just glad you haven’t moved out, or checked into a motel. I laughed at Lauren leaving Bailey at home to stay with Brad for most of the evening.

Episode #1.6965

My dad and Lauren have history. I hope he pulls through. I don’t even know if we’re supposed to be rooting for them. Imogen is showing Terese, Brad and Josh a picture of the wombat and telling them that her and Daniel named him Oliver and he is doing well.

Home and Away 6965 Episode 24th September 2018

She has been here since 7am doing neighbouurs same. I think they’re gonna be okay. She thanks him and walks off to get a drink.

Matt comes in, and Bailey quickly makes an excuse to leave so he and Lauren neighbuors talk. Sonya Rebecchi Scott McGregor He walks out, leaving Chris shaken. Oh, he’s such an idiot. Haven’t you heard of the Black Death?!

It’s not the Bailey I’m used to. To Bailey’s surprise, Spacecamp rival Alice commends her worthy adversary and even turns supportive when she hears about his parents’s troubles, they kiss up. Susan says her situation doesn’t compare, neighbbours Nate says it’s all trauma.


Love Kate Kendall, like Lauren but she isn’t half obsessed with Brad, no matter what she says. Neighbourrs and Robbo weigh up making a big decision together.

Bailey smiles, and hands her the broom. This Week’s Top Trailers. He offers her a chance to talk about what happened with Brad and Lauren. The pair of them fuss over the wombat to a heartwarming underscore, wondering what it’s doing here.

Silence from Georgia is bliss. Lauren makes out that it was easier for him to sleep at the station as he episodde working late, and tries to change the subject. He can relate to what Nate said to Susan as he was attacked at the garage a couple of years ago and went through a similar thing. But that’s a very, very small criticism in a very good week so far.