But there was always something not quite right. Ramsay Street To keep up the pretence, Amber and Bailey are heading home to video call Mason the lie they told Imogen when Brad spots them. Yes, I am a pretty amazing individual. Sienna replies that she is going to, and isn’t stalking Brennan, who explains that he did love her and tried to make it work, but he can’t help the way he feels about Kate. Chris urges Kate to tell Brennan how she feels, but Kate points out how hurt she was over the whole Kyle situation. Mason Turner archive footage Jenna Rosenow Imogen has picked up on it and puts it down to him building Josh’s hopes up, which he doesn’t deny.

Neighbours 15th October p HD. Josh reassures Brad that he only did some cardio and that he is not kidding himself, having accepted his swimming career is over. Did you go shirtless? Catching up, Josh asks how Amber is and suggests walking to school with her, although she tries to put him off, telling him not to go out of his way. Paul tries to pour cold water on Kate’s happiness, explaining how wrong Brennan is for her, before walking off in disgust. I hear it was a crowd favourite. Neighbours Episode 15th May

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He came back for you twice, isn’t that telling you something? Since he’s hardly seen her, Josh offers to walk her to school but she turns it down citing needing to get to school for some tutoring. Home and Away ,,,,, Home and Away ,22,23,24,25,26,27,28 February Home and Away ,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37 Home and Away Neighbours Episode 15th May Seeing how miserable Josh is, feeling dumped by Amber as if because he’s no longer a competitive sports star, Brad implores her to set that straight, so declines as long as the adopted Imogen asks her to give Josh a lot of care at the moment and asks if she can neighbourx with any subjects Amber is having difficulty with.

Down by the lake, Kate is strolling over the bridge, looking thoughtfully at the padlocks, remembering the night he left for witness protection and how upset she was that she was too late to neighbbours him.


At which point Brennan bursts in, and Sienna leaps at him and kisses him on the lips. He adds that when they broke up, he was honest with her; it was because he still had feelings for someone else.

I think the reason I’ve been pushing you away is because I don’t feel like I deserve to be in another relationship. You can’t alphabetise glassware.

Neighbours – Episode – 15th October Harold’s Store Brennan turns up and talks to Kate; he tells her he had nothing to do with Sienna turning up, and that there is nothing between them anymore. Number 24 Mark isn’t impressed at Sienna visiting Kate and reminds her that they aren’t together.

Sienna refuses, telling Brennan she neihgbours it to work and reminding him how good they were together, but he resists her advances. I always thought you should know.

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Amber tells Bailey she can’t believe he told Callum about the Turner’s current situation and asks if anyone else knows. She sends Bailey inside to set the call up so she can speak privately to Brad. Brennan reveals his annoyance at how things seem to keep getting in the way between himself and Kate. Brad asks if that is the reason Amber is keeping her distance: You’re being weird, Amber’s being weird, our parents are freaking out about something, just speak!

Neighbours Episode 20th April Chris asks her whether this is trying to tell elisode that things went wrong because she is no longer with Brennan. Neighbours Episode 18th February And it turns out that something was you. But there was always something neighbourd quite right. Callum is still desperately trying to escape Imogen, pulling Bailey along with him in his attempts. I’ve been doing a lot of episoe about us, about how you lied to me, you were dead and you didn’t tell me about Sienna.


Neighbours 20th July Under pressure, Bailey is forced jeighbours admit the truth about Brad and Lauren’s baby to a very shocked Imogen. Then you need to tell him that. Mmm, I’ve ruined enough relationships in my time but nice to see someone get it right. After Sienna bothers Kate to demand rpisode tells Mark he won’t be taken back, Paul strongly advises Brennan to move and Kate to forget him, but Chris makes her consider neithbours never found happiness with another since Mark left in witness protection and Kyle wanted back to Georgia before he knew about Kate’s infertility.

Karl Kennedy credit only Tom Oliver Neighbours Episode 20th March Explaining that she is in a hurry, Josh reluctantly heads off, giving Amber an awkward kiss on the cheek, telling her he will see her some other time.

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But she’s not Kate. Amber acknowledges that every time she sees Josh, she feels as though she is lying to him.

Written by KGF Vissers. Sienna grabs her bag and heads off, telling Brennan she will be waiting for him once he is ready. Meanwhile, Chris and Neighbouds are cooking sausages, and an unusually empathetic Callum asks what’s troubling Chris. Harold’s Store Chris flatters Callum’s ego by telling him how well he coped with all his own mum’s addiction issues. I just want to know what she’s doing here. Chris urges Kate to tell Brennan how she feels, but Kate points out how hurt she was over the whole Kyle situation.

Wanna know something worse? Both have big smiles on their faces and cue happy instrumental music KATE: Do you want to remove all your recent searches? Now even more anxious to see his mum, Chris wonders why she hasn’t called.