Being smart, she also knew that the victim wouldn’t only have one pair of shoes. I thoroughly enjoyed the show but was disappointed at the ending. This site uses cookies. Sho Sakurai Keiko Kitagawa. The moment they exclaimed over this, someone dropped a whole lot of small boards where people wrote messages on them. There was a lot of hidden potential in the last episode but I’ve also realised that the scriptwriters wanted to remain true to their genre right till the very end. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site.

He was the one who got involved with Dakahara, the man whom Ikuto-san said was the married man. Brain or a Galileo , this show will be a disappointment. He merely wants to bring her the housekeeper into the family. He is, hands down, the star of this show for me. Kageyama quickly defends his poster with a — “You can scold me if you want, but Q-queen did nothing wrong! But even if you find nothing remotely sexy about this smoldering Keio graduate, I will still recommend this show for…. That’s right, they all involve the taking off of shoes. She asked the owner why they had to boil the towels and the owner replied that they had to reuse hot towels since they were cutting costs.

Editor told her she was epispde and showed a video from her mother which was meant to be shown to her only when she was The fact that the fireball disappeared and appeared proved that the culprit was moving around. Lol, have qa ever seen someone who is disappointed at being kicked out of the picture? You are commenting using your Facebook account. They found the third female who remembered towards the end of the session, that the victim had acted weirdly during their last get together session with all the university students.


So the victim called the second female over and while talking, he accidentally said another girl’s name to which Kageyama interjects with a “You should always call the woman ‘you’ so that there will be no mistakes. The previous engagement that Kageyama was talking about earlier?

It IS quite a good poke at humour By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. So it was a chain murder. She was the daughter spisode a bigshot in the industry.

That was what Dakahara was laughing about too. However, Kageyama sitll got brought back to the station by Katzamatsuri only to be questioned on the whereabouts of HouShou Rei I kinda forgot about this, but remember?


It has no good romance, no good mystery and no good thriller bits. The ending seems like an ending to a season and not ladt entire show. There was a lot of hidden potential in the last episode but I’ve also realised that the scriptwriters wanted to remain true to their genre right till the very end.

Nazotoki Wa Dinner No Ato De Episode 10 Recap – rambling thoughts

They went on to the second female who was going out with the victim with marriage as prerequisite. Reiko triumphantly ‘proves’ Kageyama wrong by telling him that the wine bottles no longer use a cork, but a metal cap. Right when he told them that, there was another person with a maniacal laugh outside the shop.

Anyway, as usual, Reiko puts down her pride and gets Kageyama to solve the crime. She rushes to work and ties up her hair in the car. In this special, because it was nearly 2 hours of actual content long, as opposed to 45 minutes for the regular episodes, instead of coming up with a more complex plot, they simply had two intersecting mysteries, one from the perspective of Reiko and one from the perspective of Kageyama.

This helps to build suspense and tension! Kageyama looks down at her and says, “My lady, are you blind? Kazamatsuri led slip about epissode girl who had gone to the beach with the victim but was eummary by Reiko.

The fact that she said ‘mishap’ showed that she didn’t want to kill Ezaki. Kageyama and the editor got into this ‘fight’ when he tried to get the editor to drop the knife. Kageyama knows that she’s just waiting for his nzaotoki and tells her so.

Kazamatsuri arrives a tad too late, acting as if he had things in his control all along, “Yes yes yes yes djnner I also know that it is a murder, Hosho. It isn’t six thirty as she thought, but rather eight fifteen already.

Ezaki who didn’t know about Yumi’s neighbour’s false testimony, tried very hard to explain what he was doing from Nazoto,i hypothesizes the situation for Reiko, “If you are reading a book, and you want to close the window because of the stormy weather, but you find out that you do not have a bookmark, what will you do?

So off Reiko marched to the house and there they tried to stop the editor from doing more crazy, stupid things. As the police came to get Qa, once again, Kazamatsuri saw ‘Shou Li’ but she sum,ary him. Kageyama enlightens her, “All of the children are in it. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Turns out that even though Bedgy and Rebecca had a fight, Rebecca still told Bedgy at the end, “Let us step towards the stage together!


Even though Kageyama is made to look the fool momentarily, he uses his laast crime-solving skills to figure out who actually done it. However, if one uses a Zippo, there will be a constant supply of light!

[Drama Review] Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato De | Confessions In Confusion

After that, whenever Reiko meets an unsolvable case, she would lay out the details of the case for Kageyama, and he would explain to her how that particular case is solved after dinner. Also, they found out that a group of judo students went out running at night and they didn’t see any body at 10pm. She had asked what names to use for their sunmary, and Ezaki suggested basing the characters on themselves.

Lastly, the OSTs give this show an added bonus.

The story continued after Reiko’s indignant, “No trespassing allowed! Of course, Kageyama kept quiet about it and he was shut behind bars. Kageyama brought up how it’s suspicious that Ezaki gave such details of what he did from P who informs nazotlki that there has been a crime and she needs to arrive at the scene asap.

However, both her parents were asleep and there was no way anyone could have gotten into the nazooki without the mother waking up. Reiko turned around with a smug face and ‘apologised’ for snatching away Kageyama’s glory. Reiko wakes up and looks at the clock in a happy relaxed manner.

However, Reiko rejected his idea of telling him what she had found out.

It must have nazzotoki in accidentally when someone else opened the door to get something from the shed. Reiko asked if Kageyama got a shock, and he replied, “It’s not just a shock…” Turns out he’s the one who dropped all the bamboo boards.

He first solved how A-san could have seen a man with a handbag…because that wasn’t Ezaki at all.