Sanepina di bumi emakna Kabayan. It is so difficult question Kabayan. He is honest and not arrogant. One day, a big ship closed to the beach near their village. They asked peoples to join work in their ship and went to the cross island. Whatever he or she say. Past t ens e.

His mother very broken heart because M a lin rebellious to her, who had growth him. I think your cow was bought by Kabayan. Where is Kabayan now? Ih Nyi Iteung how about you? Where the problems in the story developed. Wah how clever boy you Kabayan if counting a money! I was so tired.

Kabayan still be the lazy man the work just eat itdung sleep. Her mother force her to get married soon. Introducing the participants, place and time. I promise I will make him into diligent man! Ambu and Abah always angry to me. Stories submitted for the purpose and is based on the facts, but they do not really exist. Can you answer my question?

How a stupid boy Kabayan. Manehna teh ngidam hoyong pisan Nangka, tapi si Kabayan nu dasarna kebluk, tara daek ngala Nangka. Many boy rich and handsome want to marry you, but you not yni one of them. Kabayan told us about yours met god. They were very poor, but they lived quiet and harmonious.

What the animal who has two foot if he hiking to the month. Kabayan continue the journey.


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Hi, what are you doing? Kabayan where the rice? If you help me, I promise God will reward it. How is the character of Malin Kundang after becoming a rich man? I will buy it. The result of selling chicken will be purchased rice for lunch. What a rice can Kabagan buy Sir? Hmm I can get some rice for lunch today. She worried to Malin.

You can fell, if you can not eat today! Several years later, Malin Kundang succed and he became rich trader.

But dra,a you explain to they if you are not a lazy man. Ambu I went to mount gede for praying, fasting and itrung meditating to god. But Malin didnt admit that woman as his poor mother, and then he kicked the village cakewhich brought by his mother until scattered.

Where are you go now? Nu kolot nya, Nangkana! But she still confused to choice the best man who will to be her husband.

I can not answer. But on the way when he will back to home, he met with the beggar and he gave the result of selling chicken also his rice to the beggar. Do you fell hungry? Akhirna kuring manggihan Nangka!

How about 3 kg? Van think if I wrong to choice you want to be my husband.


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Now Nyi Iteung was 19 years old. Bye… I will go to home. Kabayan wanted to wish for a great amount of money, but I thought we should wish for abundant supply of rice. Akang teh tunduh keneh! The story will never end if you always cut this story.

Who is the main character? Sanepina di bumi emakna Kabayan. It is for you. Saking keheulna, Nyi Iteung angkat ka bumi emakna Kabayan.

Hellow what are you doing? Legends also stories that have been made, but they are different from the myth.

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When I go to market according what Ambu instructed to me, I will sell a chicken. But on the way, he met with an old woman which is cooking a stone. And how about your wishes to became rich?

You are a stupid girl. But after that, the real problem ran up. I will buy rice again with my money. How much you want to buy?