Black Zetsu escapes and maintains his surveillance on the ground. Kinkaku gets angry and releases his Nine-Tails chakra, draping him in a chakra shroud just like Naruto’s. Kabuto also explains that he cannot summon the first four Hokages because their souls were now sealed by the Reaper Death Seal. During that time, unnerved by Naruto’s courage while he was initially fearful for his life, Sasuke is further surprised when he sees Naruto defeat the Hidden Rain gennin while they were accompanying Kabuto. As the battle between the two divisions gets under-way, Shin is sent in to battle Kankuro’s Sasori puppet, and the clay Deidara set in Shin’s stomach explodes. Kurotsuchi uses her Quicklime jutsu to ensnare Kabuto. Black Zetsu infiltrates the fortress but the Lords were fake. Bee answers in a rap that it is because they are friends.

Kankuro and his men deploy a small trenched outpost to survey the environment until Muta appears in front of them, who happens to be attached to Sasori’s chakra strings and planted with Deidara’s bomb. However, she is attacked by Kabuto who manages to incapacitate her. However, Mifune and his division soon arrive and he deflects the would-be devastating blow. Kakashi makes his attack against Zabuza but Haku blocks the attack. Sakura ends up telling Ino that it was likely that she was not the Sakura she knew before disappearing again in a bright light, leaving Ino severely confused. Still at the coastline, the Kohaku no Johei arrives and so is the half of the Fourth Division to assist Darui’s division. As they go through the village, and encounter the other members of the Konoha 11, Sakura notes that they look vaguely familiar but not as how she remembered them. However, explaining he used Izanagi at the cost of his left eye, Tobi impales Konan before using his remaining Sharingan to learn the location of Nagato and Yahiko’s tomb before ending her life.

Konan refuses, transforming into thousands of pieces of paper to self-destruct against Tobi, yet it fails and both survive. During that time, unnerved by Naruto’s courage while he was initially fearful for his life, Sasuke is further surprised when he sees Naruto defeat the Hidden Rain gennin while they were accompanying Kabuto.


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Archived from the original on Naeutonine 1, After strolling through the outlying forest of the village, Ino looks up and sees Sakura falling through the sky. Konan uses her six hundred billion paper bombs against Tobi with the knowledge that his intangibility jutsu can not last forever.

Kushina successfully delivers Naruto, eipsode their celebration comes short when Tobi suddenly appears, killing both Taji and Biwako and holding the newborn hostage. Minato naurtonine her red hair and, in that moment, Kushina fell in love with Minato. Naruto leaves the training hall but is stopped by shinobi guards.

Naruto’s mother, Kushina Uzumaki, appears. They succeed in capturing and sealing Atsui and Samui within the Benihisago.

Tokuma and Ranka descend to attack Kankuro’s unit but Omoi manages to cut Sasori’s chakra strings, saving Tokuma and Ranka. Elisode, despite losing his friend, Naruto refuses to give up on Sasuke and intends to get him back. Zabuza, Haku, Pakura and Gari start their attacks against Kakashi’s division.

Zabuza attacks Kakashi with his Executioner’s blade and Kakashi evades even with Haku on his arm and having a sliced wound in his belly. Meanwhile, Ao detects a large number of White Zetsus moving underground. With Naruto and Sasuke at their peaks of power, the two unleash their strongest attacks with Sasuke the victor as he leaves anrutonine meet with Orochimaru.

Hyuga Hizashi confronts his naarutonine Hiashi and reiterates that his death is for the sake of the entire Hyuga clan. Years before the Fourth Great Ninja War, a young Naruto paints the villager’s houses and runs away while hearing them complain.

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That night, Sasuke is ambushed by Orochimaru’s bodyguards, the Sound Four, who invite him to join Orochimaru and gain more power. He passes the first test and Bee becomes his instructor. The Feudal Lords gather at a fortified palace, and Black Zetsu arrives outside.

Naruto overcomes his dark self by thanking him for being who he really was. 2655 Shibi insists Naruto go back. They trade attacks but when Choji is about to punch Asuma, he suddenly stops and says that he cannot hurt Asuma. However, Mifune and his division soon arrive and he deflects the would-be devastating blow.


After graduating, Naruto and Sasuke are placed on the same team along with Sakura Haruno and manage to pass Kakashi Epiosde ‘s bell test.

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As the mist gets thicker, Kakashi strategizes with a plan to bind Zabuza. Only Naruto is able to reach Sasuke as the other members of the retrieval group each end up fighting a member of the Sound Four, killing the remaining members and their fifth Kimimaro with the aid of Gaara and his siblings. Kakashi recalls Naruto on their first mission as Naruto liked Haku and Zabuza because of their unique bond. At the desert, orders from headquarters arrive telling Shikamaru to assist Darui’s division and Temari becomes worried as they’re facing a powerful Kekkei Tota shinobi.


Is this the Paradise Island? The first opening theme, “newsong” by tacicais used from episode episkde Retrieved from ” https: At the Akatsuki hideout, Tobi, Kabuto, and Zetsu enter a special room where the Gedo Statue rests on a top of a flower and beneath on its stem lies a clone of Hashirama Senju’s body. Once entering episofe shrine, Tobi obtains Nagato’s Rinnegan before returning to the Akatsuki hideout where Zetsu presents Kisame’s intel on Naruto’s location.

When the Chunin Exams by the invasion of the Hidden Sand in narutoine to Orochimaru, Sasuke is overpowered by a jinchuriki named Gaara of the Sand who mocks his lack of hatred.

They recall their previous spar with Asuma when they are genin and Asuma lecturing Choji about his kindness.

Darui manages to seal Kinkaku with the help of Ino-Shika-Cho. Voices from everywhere demoralize Naruto until a female naruonine puts his hatred transformation into a halt.