These include methods aimed at gathering qualitative as well as quantitative data and are used to examine small and larger samples, gathered in order to find answers to diverse research questions. Pezzana, Venetiis, , tomus actavus Heremans, J. The Stichting Literatuurclubs Drenthe was intro- duced in Section 1. Questions considered personal characteristics such as age and education questions , reading habits and reading motives questions , motives for being a member of a book discussion group questions and learning in the book discussion group questions Second, the study concentrates on motives people have for reading and participating in a book dis- cussion group. During the interviews, notes were made, and all interviews were also audio-taped. Theories and studies about reading behaviour, reading mo- tives, cultural participation motives, didactics of literature, and specifically motives for book discussion group membership are included in this literature study. Members of the group may be professionals and non-professionals.

Van der Het schervengericht, Humo’s literaire reuzen, Heijden, A. The knowledge that is constructed together includes literary knowledge and knowledge of opinions of fellow participants and their personality. With the description of the coordination motive Fokkema and Ibsch focus on the assumption that participat- ing in cultural activities provides us with knowledge of cultural conventions. Amsterdam, Linde-Severin, D. From September to October , 15 readers were interviewed. Thirdly, book discussion groups build a shared repertoire during time:

It was our set-up meeting where we discussed our plans: Group survey 85 Book discussion group participants: In other words, the social aspect of the getting together and discussing books together, may have an added value for the learn- ing of the participants.

Origin of the book discussion group. Moreover, the pilot study offered the opportunity to practice and test the in- tended research method: For her study, Gerritsma questioned 35 members of four book discussion groups in the Netherlands, using a survey. Characteristics embrace among other things composition of groups all-female, mixed, or all-maleaffiliation of groups, the method of working what do they read, how do they organise their meetingsand personal characteristics of members such as sex and age.


Smith previously had been a member of one of the groups he now studied.

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Dutch novelist, poet, travel-writer, and essayist. It offers models of experiences and perceptions of the world.

Individual survey and interviews 86 3. Several researchers however chose to visit their subjects of study. The cognitive motive implies that people read because of their need for the development of general knowledge and expansion of more specific knowledge, also about moral subjects.

All- female, all-male, and mixed-sex groups are included in this study. In order to specify this general research question about the phenomenon book discussion group, subsequent research questions are formulated as follows: Participants of these reading circles could read about 25 to 50 books or magazines per year thanks to their membership.

Non-professional readers Because of the focus of this study about learning for personal development, only groups of non-professional readers are included. This was desirable because both research- ers used the book discussion groups nachtrrein develop educational material. No problems occurred during this phase.

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The first manifestations of read- ing societies were reading circles. Learning by reading fiction question ; 6.

These questions offered some possibilities for checking premises concerning the composition of book discussion groups and the mo- tives of their participants.

In search of ancient mysteries, Corgi Books, Lansbergen, A. During their meetings, members discuss books while advising each other and sharing their thoughts with the previous reader or readers of the book. Group members may all be expected to read the same book or books in advance of the meeting. Learning should primarily support personal development. Dubbelzelfmoord, Ontwikkeling, Antwerpen, Ghysbrecht, prof. Moreover, the authors combined these data with results from a survey and group observations.


She studied all-female book discussion groups in Houston, Texas. Geestverschijningen, Amsterdamboek, Greenhouse, Herbert B.

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Lente in de logica, Strengholt, Amsterdam, Raidive, dr. Werelden in botsing, Ankh-Hermes, Deventer, Velzen, dr. To complete group information with more personal information of the partici- pants of these groups, an individual survey was set out next to the group survey. Kirschner, Open Universiteit Copromotor Dr. This will be the same book or books for all the members.

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During this period he focused mostly on travel articles and poetry. Reading behaviour lisssbon motivation is variable and motives for book discussion group participation for in- stance may change nacthtrein membership. Because of different defi- nitions of the book discussion groups, assumptions or, moreover, conclusions, are not naturally applicable on the subject of study in this current research.

In total, book discussion groups filled out the group-survey: The calculations were done using two different non-parametric tests: Meet Britain, Hachette, Escher, M.

Nooteboom visited Spain for the first time in Felix Bewijzen voor het leven na de dood,? Hume, De Morgen, Kopstukken filosofie, Baekelmans, prof. She compared part of this information with group characteristics, for instance she related the sex of the author to composition of the group all-male, all-female or mixed-sex groups.

An example of an English- language website providing an overview of a number of book nijmegeh is http: Thus, of the groups re- porting the sex of the participants with a total of members, there were 5. Er worden Conferenties over gegeven.