For sure, he definitely is. We were really lucky! That outfit really suits you well. Email required Address never made public. But, Candy would rather get revenge. Candy realizes how late it is and says her mom will kill her for being out so late. Because he was being weird too. This site uses cookies.

Can I walk with you? Eldarya – Episode 9 Guide. Are you going to the concert tomorrow night? Is that what you want? Student Bag Keep reading. There’s a lot of things happening here, including dating the hot guys that also attend this school. Yeleen is once again snarky and then has a phone call. Chani goes on ahead while you wait for Rosa.

I was blind to what was going on all that time, you must have felt awfully alone. It can happen on the rare occasion. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Am I going on a date with Slenderman….? Everybody hates anthrax, just sayin.

Candy then has to go to the bathroom. You want us to leave you alone?

My Candy Love – Episode 37 Guide

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Yes, I definitely count on catching up as fast as possible over the weekend.


Things would be better if I could find Kentin. Actually, I ran away before I could see what it was, but I heard it! So, you have the same strange obsessions. Since Amber wants to go out with you, maybe we could work e;isode a plan together?

Iris thought of that. Did you have something else in mind?

I saw a ghost! Thanks again for your help. Turns out he has your ID… or did, he had a hole in his pocket and so you need to find it yourself. Is there a problem?

Is to give in. I find the teacher pretty good at choosing topics. Insist Ends discussion. I just looked the other way before following him. Priya had brought up the issue of freedom of expression in her native country.: Uhh, do we know each other?

My Candy Love Episode 4 – Nathaniel Walkthrough | I am being serious!

Instead of devouring our souls giving us detention, we just have to clean up the graffiti in the…. Are you ready to discover the incredible history and myths about monumental art in the Middle Ages? After all we did to organize the party? Ok, but what about? Click here for full navigation if you’re on mobile! Will you help me then? You should watch out. Iris thought of that.


After some more conversation, head to the library to meet up with Chani. You look tired, is everything ok? And for something she hates? Are things going any better with your parents? If you went with Chani: Have a good night at Moondance.

I saw you with Castiel earlier on! Then when I came out walkthorugh were nowhere to be found and I ran into this guy that complimented my shoes, and one thing led to another… A. Yeah, for sure, I looked for you a super long time… With the crowd, there was no way.

Nat definitely has his really cute moments like the illustration for this ep but he really was kinda moody this episode.