The next morning, Dong Pagong told Kikay that she must retrieve the magical pearl from the giant octopus to save all sea creatures from certain death. The second season likewise had 12 distinct stories but had 15 episodes, because three of the stories Inday sa Balitaw, Bampy, and Si Pardina at mga Duwende had two parts each. Her other television appearances include another lead role in the romantic comedy Till I Met You and as a host of the noontime show It’s Showtime. Show all episodes. So Motra decided to kill Kwin before she does. Member feedback about Agimat: Tanya is a girl whose mother repeatedly refuses to listen to her employees’ explanations.

One night, Joy meets a TV salesman named Mr. Super K and the giant octopus fight each other. Elaine’s dream to make Charles fall for her eventually comes true when she is given a magic bowl that makes her attractive in the eyes of the person who eats a fruitcake she bakes in it. Carl is a young boy who is very close to his father. A statue named Enero Panadero was given a power to help anyone he wanted, but also a curse that he must return to his place before moonrise, or he will disintegrate and turn to dust. As he finished his mission against the drug and human-trafficking syndicates, he continues his next mission in putting a stop to the illegal activities in the countries. Anime – the channel’s primetime block consisting of Japanese anime programs targeting for all audiences. Little does she know that the doll carries a magic spell with it.

Nadine Lustre

The first season of the series presented 12 distinct stories over the course of 13 episodes. Gelli is a young lady who is often ridiculed for her physical appearance but finds a way to make herself beautiful through a genie, whom she summons from a magical bottle. Will Queenie finally learn that there are far more important things than money when she loses everything she owns?

Diary ppilot an Ugly Cross. After her family lost money, Grace Mika Dela Cruz begins complaining about their new lifestyle. Coming from a poor family, Raprap always envies his rich classmates. Prinsipe Patrick Patrick Garcia Prince Patrick steals a magical potion from his wizard, but falls into a portal that transp Also, based on the trailer, there will be a scene where James and Nadine will be jamming together.


cull What will Shaggy do when he personally meets the person he thought was unreal? An Easter Sunday special that tells a story about Ester, a girl who magically turns herself into a human rabbit. Skateboard Pipit Ipaglaban Mo: She is the great grand niece of basketball player Lou Salvador. However, Raven disappears one night and the next morning patches of wood start appearing on his body.

It’s up to them to undo the curse, but must switch their lifestyle to do that. Vanessa wants to be invisible so that she won’t be always commanded by her mother. Their mother died due to their disability so their father brought the triplets far away from where they lived, Kanan and Kaliwa covered by a cloth so they and their sister and move about without being stared at. Nadine Alexis Paguia Lustre born October 31, is a Filipino actress, singer, and music video director.

She uses a magical ointment to rub on her face which turned her into Mylene Jessie Mendiola Cast: Rayne Jairus Aquino wasn’t able to catch up with the latest trends of toys and gadgets and he blames it all on his baby brother. Buboy is a young boy who is fond of playing with spiders. His younger brother is Rudolf Venedictos Garcia Fernandez.

My App Boyfie – Page 2 – THE JADINE LAND

What will she do once the tablet that created her “app boyfriend” is taken away from her? Will Melody finally learn to erase the bitterness in her heart and forgive others when she discovers that the cost her new life is the loss of some of her loved ones? Retrieved July 19, There, they met the witch-like school librarian, Lucresia Tetchie Agbayani.

My picks for possible On-screen couples. The milieu of the characters and stories are primarily set in Cavite province where the belief in amulets remains strong to this day. If new pair comes a long and they feel they are better in some areas. The woman then apologized for what she had done and the statues that resulted from botfie curse returned to normal, also returning her hair to normal.


Julia MontesJ.

Until Beauty’s Yaya Doray decided to make a spell on Beauty that will teach her biyfie lesson, causing her to gain Myra’s hair, Susan’s skin color, and Candy’s birthmark. Personal life Toni Gonzaga is a resident of Taytay, Rizal and the eldest daughter episods Carlito and Crisanta Gonzaga, who also act as her talent manager.

Though her parents were against her plan of joining, she still pursues. In a private launch held on March 23, she mentioned that she shares the same advocacy with BYS which stands for “be your self” and said that “It’s nice to be able to work with a brand who inspires all the girls to be themselves. One fukl, Carl’s little brother Julian tripped over a wire and disconnected parts of the car!

May 28, in Asian Heartthrobs: They need boyfir find the treasure that will finally be able to let him rest completely. These three children will learn how to share with other people at the end.

When Mila gives her a magical tablet computer, Era begins to see her mom suffering at work. This list includes only programs aired ten years and episdoe. He is the eldest child and has 3 siblings: Piolt the powers of the fairies, Jessie wishes Irene to become a witch to stop her from hurting boys’ feeling and to learn her lesson. Some of the problems she solved was to rescue a jeepney stuck in mud.

As she struggles her way through teenage life, Jenny decides to join a talent contest where she can use her magic powers thinking that it will be one way to gain popularity.