Have you had any experience with these three weapon multi-tools? In terms of manufacturing and build quality there is just no comparison. I’ve never been in law enforcement or the military. Multitasker tools are CNC machined some parts of the tool are wire EDM , and the quality of manufacture is evident when opening the pliers, deploying the tools, and using using them as well. The MTs2’s jaws are billet cut D2 tool steel. Incidental and purposeful use of the tools lead to no breakage or malfunctions. First, a note about me. Both being tools based around the gun toting end user, it’s easy to mistake the tools for competitors.

The pliers house replaceable carbide steel cutters and because of the wider plier heads, the Multitasker is much better suited for harder tasks. Defense News Weekly full episode: I send mine in every other year or so just to have them go though mine. Looking at the rest of the toolset, the radiused tip carbon scraper is deployed by a thumb stud and is easy to get your thumb on but takes an effort to get out. Fear of missing out? Earn the right to wear our sigil and speak our word s. Where Leatherman really shines other than the pliers, and I warned you I was a fanboy is in packaging.

All I do is send it in to them. For more newsletters click here. Let me know in the comments below. I like the fact that all the tools lock in place but the thin steel allows too much movement for my liking.

For day-to-day maintenance, any one of the tools will perform well. It’s a unique tool that’ll probably outlast all of your guns thanks to it’s burly construction. The AR Multitasker Series 2 is a great tool for the “gun guy” while the MUT strikes the perfect balance between field and weapon maintenance tool for battlefield service. Tipping the scales at Get occasional updates on what’s new and interesting on Pocket Multi-Tools.

I don’t carry it except on the range. But, looking closely at each brings an obvious distinction. As objective as I try to be, serues preference obviously factors into this so your opinion may vary.


They are replaceable with a cheap part sold by Leatherman though you have to unscrew the pivot on one handle. The replacement unit has been my constant range companion since and has seen heavy use in that environment. Its construction is solid. If one tool is slightly folded out, another will not lock in place.

But, it’s got some serious field utility built in. The 12 piece bit kit adds Torx, hex, Phillips, front sight adjustment tool and trigger assembly pin punch. Thank you for visiting my online store. Today I found out that the Multitasker 3X has been released. Not that hard once you work it out.

I evaluated the MUT based on five years of use and the Multitasker on about five days in my home office, so please keep that in mind. It is the Swiss Army Knife of mlutitasker and contains nearly everything you need to maintain most common modern weapon systems used today. The first one I had cracked at the joint under what I would consider not heavy use.

When it all goes wrong, for better or worse, you’re going to end up yarding on something with the pliers ’till your stuff works or mulritasker deadlines.

Makes me wonder what they will improve for the Series 4. I can see what they mean because I found it stiff as well and it could be easier to use. All the MP1-AR tools are lockable and release with the sliding tabs.

A multitool is a field expedient toolbox that sits on your belt, in your pocket or in your kit. It has a good selection of weapon-specific tools jultitasker threaded swappable tools and a great magnetic bit driver arm.

Please visit following page for more information Dismiss Notice Comparison Review: The other 2 are released with a push of a liner lock where the Gerber you need to slide a tab on the front of the mulhitasker back towards you.

Tool fight! Leatherman MUT vs. Multitasker Series 2

When it comes to closed length, the Leatherman MUT is the longest of this group by more than half an inch — 5 inches Not long ago, the Series 3 tool was released, which incorporates a few features the designer felt was missing from earlier generations. It comes standard with the sight adjustment tool inserted but of course, you can use any of the 8 bits that come with the Multitasker.


They told us the MTs2 saved time because they didn’t have to fish tools out of their bag or borrow them from teammates. There is a small tanto-tipped knife mit a file for more general use.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. The MUT is made of stainless steel HC and CM and is very well constructed; the plier heads are wide with needle nose and a jaw plier contour, wire cutters included leatherkan course. Another plus is the ability to replace worn cutter blades and the bronze scraper on the spot.

Cowan’s Great Multitool Throwdown | Breach Bang Clear

Neither the scraper or the punch is lockable. For my needs at the range though I’m happy with the MUT. The plier heads have the usual wire cutter blade and a useful wire stripper for smaller gauge wires.

Jan 31, Messages: When it comes to a rifle-specific tool, field repair takes precedence over basic maintenance and maintenance is generally something performed in an administrative fashion with usually no sense of urgency. Are you a current member with account or password issues?

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These three are all plier based multi-tools. The MTs2’s jaws are billet cut D2 tool steel. It’s one of lleatherman toughest steels out there. Which one is the one for you? To call him thorough would be to damn him with faint praise.