Plenty of action scenes and the strange relation the main characters had were enough to keep a good story. Lots of action, thriller, suspense, supernatural, and romance. It is painful and upsetting to see Yuno’s unruly character where she doesn’t care for anybody but Yukiteru, and she cannot be in love with him. I think the assistants characters were the heroes. If you wanna support us, please share this page! This anime is something to put lots of others to shame Spoiler!! I did not know whether to like or dislike a character. It’s about these two makes an amazing pair that they actually are able to defeat opponents who are suppose to kill them so easily yet they managed to overcome it.

The kid was scared of boobs there are allot of them in this , there was a weird Stockholm syndrome thing going on and everyone was dead Another striking thing that stands out is that Yuno’s love toward Yukiteru goes out of control to be psychotic and violent, showing her affection crazily to him. Do you ever watch Steins Gate? This anime has a fantastic finishing which is end in the OVA. As long as we are having a good time that is all that matters. Saber wishes the rum was gon Unfortunately, many of the action sequences were either irritatingly unintelligent or plain impossible, with kids dodging bullets and fighting while reading their diaries.

And the ending wasnt so good eitherrly fastnot rly explanatory but overall the outcome we all anticipated for. This show is way more engaging than other shows out there. It has the action that Death Note was missing and added the dark element that I personally prefer that Code Geass was missing. However, it would be even more impressive if a critic duplicated the same tension between pulp and trope in their review, reproduce that inconsistency until they end up as absurd as Mirai Nikki as well.


This is a must watch show, hands down one of the best animes I’ve seen.

未来日記 Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary) Ep 12 English Subbed

Last night my husband and I finally watched the newest Transformer movie. I thought it was a magical death match, not sure what you are watching there “Considering all these foolishness, how come there are people who said that “Mirai Nikki is awesome! That being said there were plenty of moments when I was like, ‘What?

Everyones- I think it is pretty interesting how everyone can watch the same show and have different ways of viewing things or appreciating things. And finally, after their ordeal, both Yuno and Yuuki go on a trip with Yuno packing a shit ton of pills 112 syringes.

Packing a bunch of pills and syringes is weird, but packing those stuff?? This series, additionally, had amazing character development, vivid imagery, and an impressive OST most notably, the opening theme.

Shiny animation my friend in its glory like its in a movie and movies have to have top animation!

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This anime was pretty intense though, No. Nikoi things that like are part of the fantasy element. Despite these weak points, Mirai Nikki did nonetheless provide quite some entertainment, as the show was packed with intense violence, exciting romance, and bits of comedy.

Eternia will probably disagree with me, but I find that to the production team’s credit, the biggest strength of this show is its self-awareness. But anjmecrazy at it with a different outlook and try to make through the possible meaning the show. Give my lesson, find apartments to scope out this weekend, finish up my next two lesson plans… twitter. Saber wishes the rum was gon To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Idk, I personally think that battle doesn’t belong in this anime.


It starts off fast, episode one sets the plot and episode two starts the craziness already. It’s about a competition of who will be the next god.

Animecrzy were good, n funny As if it’s going to affect my life in anyway. As we can see from your screenshot, he can’t possibly be shot in the stomach. What I am questioning are trivia things that the stupid author failed to notice, such as: Haven’t seen the dubbed version i only watch the subbed. Bundle 2 5 years ago.

I’m not really sure what to say. Each future diary holder receives a future from a different perspective. The actual animation was also good and that about sums it all up for the positives for the anime.

Or perhaps Nishijima backed Yuki’s story, and the head of the department realized pursuring this matter would only generate even more negative publicity and thus reached a non-disclosure deal with the kid?

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Here we have a bunch of people trying to kill each other to become a god, using different diaries that can tell the future. I think the assistants characters were the heroes. Tenchi is a Christmas Elf!