Life on the floor of Sunnyvale has its ups and downs, but the sisterhood always remains. No Holds Bard 11 August. Is there a future for the family in this world denied all electricity?! Vox Fem 25 October. Loudspeakers that pivot and pirouette. Madam Butterfly November. Her fortune continues to twist and turn from trophy Maori slave to wife of a great chief to Madam of the notorious King Edward Hotel.

A triple bill of works that are a balance between edgy dance and grace, showcasing what it means to be a mature professional dancer. By Giacomo Puccini , an opera in three acts. Minto Fung and Emma Beale. One day, the household encounters a crisis – they awake to find all electrical appliances have stopped! Promoting our playwrights’ work nationally and internationally. Life on the floor of Sunnyvale has its ups and downs, but the sisterhood always remains. The Ultimate Drag Supershow October. Madam Butterfly November.

The eternal women of Shakespeare 25 September. The wolf gets there first, keen for a snack The Ultimate Drag Supershow October. Suitable for ages Driven to the brink by the infidelity of his wife and a lack of acting opportunities, an aging thespian confronts his demons septmber what he hopes will be a final “dark night of the soul”.

Accessibility at the Hannah. A great school holiday activity for year olds, the camp runs Monday to Thursday culminating in a performance for parents, families and others interested, of the camp production The Map of Cheng I Sao.

Minto Fung and Emma Beale. This fundraising performance will be held in the Hannah Bar, on level 1. The result is a load of laughs, tears, excitement and, yes, youthful spirit, underscored by great classical masterpieces. Born out of curiosity 6 October. So universally relevant over time and location to each of us, that no one will be left untouched!

Team Black and White Rocks!

Through her vivid, compelling and at times hilarious characters, Avia paints a deeply personal view of Pacific Island life and its sometimes uneasy collisions with the Kiwi way. A Truly Momentous Occasion: Playmarket accolades 25 November. The ballad of maggie flynn August. Abandoned by his parents as a child, Shoto Izumi survives as a street urchin, stealing and purse-snatching.


Join Jim Hawkins aboard the good ship Hispaniola for a swashbuckling tale seltember high drama, low cunning, villainous skulduggery and packed with jokes and mayhem!

She is too polite to tell a group which has welcomed her with open arms that she mistook the orchestra for another with a similar name. It also premiers the winner of our Lullaby Competition for the Prime Minister stad a prophetic lullaby set to music, gifted to Jacinda Ardern. Combining young performers and experienced mint to create a musical and theatrical experience for all ages. The wonderful adventures of robot girl.

Ann Droid implements the story of Pinocchio in the 21st century.


Heave to me hearties, hoist the Jolly Roger and plunder that treasure! Four aspiring young novelists sign up for private writing classes with Leonard, an international literary figure. Twelve presenters will give 133 fire presentations on a variety of themes related to the Reserve and the Southern Coast of Wellington: Everybody Cool Lives Here invite you to be a part of the first public reading of Unflattering Smock, the story of the New Zealand caregiver. Swamp Juice – Public Shows.

Step inside the life of the caregiver — the gossip, the grind, the drama. A glorious tour de force in which four of Shakespeare’s greatest creations a foul-mouthed Macbeth, a confused Hamlet, a know-it-all Othello, and a really hungry King Lear come kicking and screaming into the bursting, deranged brain of a single man.

Two doyens of NZ Theatre, Ken Blackburn and Peter Vere-Jones who started their theatrical career in Wellington, both working together at Downstage and Circa Theatre will be in conversation about their 50 plus years of involvement in NZ theatre; and how theatre was then and how they see it now.

Waiora explores differing interpretations of home and belonging. The inspiring true story of the life of Masaaki Takaoka, a rural Japanese high school teacher, whose lifelong quest to create the very first artificially pollinated hybrid cherry blossom, to fulfill a promise he made to his beloved students before they were sent off to the battlefields to fight in World War II. Upholding playwrights’ standards and rights. This show is a celebration of the JDK Dance Crew’s journey and love of dance, and includes performances by dancers and dance groups who have inspired them along the way.


Providing access to New Zealand scripts. What will the Odd One Out do next and will anything ever be the same again?

Swayamvaram episode 16 – Malayalam Serials

This blend of five vocals and infectious sun-soaked gems makes for a memorable night to celebrate some of the finest music committed to tape over four decades! Where i Belong 28 october.

Plenty of audience participation, singing and dancing in this perfectly piratical pantomime! Promoting our playwrights’ work nationally and internationally. Just Dance Krazy 28 April. Written by award winning playwright Sarah Delahunty bol music composed by young up and coming musicians. Her fortune continues to twist and turn from trophy Maori slave to wife of a great chief to Madam of the notorious King Edward Hotel.

Welcome to Sunnyvale Rest home and Hospital where we find six wahine from very different backgrounds working together like a well-oiled machine.

Pianos whose keys tap dance ghostly toccatas. A child has died and Shardae, mother of the child, is held guilty until proven otherwise.

Madam Butterfly November. Into the Woods will play the Hannah Playhouse in March