Fukushuu wa dare no tame ni Revenge for whom Last battle with Zet and co. Therefore I guess I’ll be busy with the routine stuff once I’m over there; also I’ve been told that ISPs and phone bills are the wrong side of very expensive over there: Fuonna kuuki Unstable atmosphere First meeting with Rodney and Elis down this route. Pilots the Yousouki Wizoll and later Wizoll Kai. North American DVD cover. Level-headed, assured and thinks logically and perceptively, i.

Lord of Elemental, but I have thrown in a brief? Denma Matsu Character Design: Jureiki Nagazadd Cursed Spirit Machine Nagazadd First meeting with Luozorl down this route. You get to choose a few masoukis to help you out here at the start; the stage is quite difficult in that a you have to finish it in 10 turns and b the 3 Rujanoll Kais have to be defeated at the same time or you’ll game over hence the need for map attacks. Wendy no himitsu Wendy’s secret If you’re here then you have a chance to save Wendy in part 2. Earth element, high class Pilot: Was the one who carried out the attacks for Shuu in catastrophe. There are other systems like elemental class and ZOC which also need attention paid to.

Ahamud Hamdi Arabian masouki pilot summoned by Alzarl. You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register. Ends up piloting masouki Diablo and finally accepted as the pilot of Zamseed as successor to Ricardo.

I found this out every time I play through the game. Make sure you beat Fang if you want him to join in part 2. Hopefully it should be back on soon. Sword Art Online novel 15 Feb 24, That’ll be the best ; I ,ishin you can tell I’m a Nadesico cybustee. Catastrophe Catastrophe Masaki comes back to see the palace lying in ruins. Rodney Massou Odd but likable captain in the Shutedonias army. Simeone Kyulian French masouki pilot summoned by Alzarl. Starts with Zash in his Galguard against the Bagonia forces, don’t move and wait for Masaki and co to turn up after a few rounds.


Nobuto Sakamoto Animation Director: Mwsou Chobert Michael McConnohie. Sean Roberts as Ken. A loud feminist attitude in battle but a social recluse when not piloting her mech, she may have a split personality. A note on the background: Otto Towne as Masaki.

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This anime television series—related article is a stub. Kanswort Jog Trusted right-hand-man to Laset, carrying out his orders and plans.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Bandai B. Brash, lively and energetic, he in fact is harder working than most of the other pilots. Notice that Diablo comes equipped with a new technique ‘Midori no Pohyou’! Someya Edward Villa as Dr. Wait for reinforcements in Granveil and Zamseed and Luozorl will leave. Gatswo futatabi Gatswo again Battle with Zet and Thomas.

Tian will join you at the start of the stage, notice that Dinforce has a new move! Holder of several PhDs and a science genius, and only 21 years old. Assume that you stay here, and Ricardo pops up and him and Masaki have a bit of heart-to- heart. Idolized masouki pilots when he was young and trained hard to become one himself.

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This also points out that you need a Japanese viewer such as Njstar or Unionway in order to get the full effect. Can you imagine Ruri saying ‘baka koshin everytime Nadesico gets into a fight with someone?

Use familiar on Luozorl, then next turn Wizoll will appear and stage automatically ends. Her familiar creatures are 2 Nordic wolves called Fleki and Geri, which always look down on Kuro and Shiro as inferior creatures and inevitably led up to big fights between the familiars.

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Despite her childish tendencies and the ability? By the way if you haven’t guessed, I always update section VI every time but I don’t mention it here as I thought most of you knew already. Choose to go along with Tootie and proceed to s9, or refuse and proceed to s8.


Ricardo Silvera 36 years-old Brazilian, former air force pilot and original exclusive pilot of earth masou-kishin Zamseed. The mech looks like Cybaster too btw Anyway this may be the surprise game to look out for in the near future.

Sangeki no kioku Memories of Trauma Your first meeting with Lubicca. As said before the key if you decide to fight is in the finish; if in the end there is only one enemy left on the map you will get an answer out of him, if you kill off the last few at the same time you’ll be stuck for an answer. Or a secret epilogue a la Lunar Eternal Blue?

Views Read Edit View history. Locomotion sub only Spanish cast none Portuguese staff Portuguese companies none Broadcaster: I don’t have a Nintendo myself though so I know next to nothing about it. The choice here is up to you. Died when mqsou was cybuwter but exists inside Wendy as a second personality. Oh yeah, the game and related characters, mech designs et al are copyright of Banpresto and Winky Soft and beyond.

Masoukis in Gaiden are classified by the class and type of the elemental protector.

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Activation of this skill block all physical attack even the top wazas like ranbu ,asou tachi but it does not work on shooting attack, even familiar and hi-familiar. Also, Zet will randomly use ‘houfuu’ and ‘teppeki’; defuse the former with a weak attack and sit out the turn if the latter is used!

If you saved Elis in s55 and s57, proceed to s Use your seishin wisely and counter prudently and you should have no difficulty.