Memorial Announced for Dr. These findings and more, reported in a new study in the Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology , indicate that the Costa Rican longline fishery represents a major threat to the survival of eastern Pacific populations of sea turtles as well as sharks. The show also has a massively popular podcast. Compared to Multi-Tasking Workers, Soldier Ant Brains Small July 16, A Drexel University study found that ant colonies evolved to spend less energy on developing the brains of soldier ants, who have relatively simple jobs, compared to multi-tasking workers. As he wandered, he thought of the overcrowded chemistry labs he frequented that never quite felt like home. Ingrid Daemmrich is retiring from the English and Philosophy Department after 30 years of service. Eight Drexel faculty members will be promoted to full professor effective Sept.

Stephanie Goldstein, a doctoral student in clinical psychology mentor: Drexel students join with other university students and industry professionals to help promote science among the youth of the Philadelphia area. The situation in the Caribbean looked truly frightening that morning, with Irma devastating island chain after island chain with a ferocity that left meteorologists astounded. These findings and more, reported in a new study in the Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology , indicate that the Costa Rican longline fishery represents a major threat to the survival of eastern Pacific populations of sea turtles as well as sharks. Read More Digging Deeper into Dreadnoughtus: A sixth-grade science fair project in led to the discovery that erythritol, the main component of Truvia, is a natural insecticide. Read More Day in the Life of a Creek October 12, If you happened to be hiking, biking or boating in the Wissahickon Creek area recently or watched the local news you may have thought you were imaging things.

The team’s new discoveries may help scientists better understand nerve cells’ distress signals and nerve cell repair, so they can eventually control and enhance mairna process to speed up recovery from nerve injuries.

Though Drexel has participated in the annual community book club for years, this marks the first year of interdisciplinary collaboration and panel discussions.

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A Drexel-led team has described a new dinosaur species with the most complete skeleton ever found of one of the largest animals to ever walk the Earth. The new Psychological Services Center on Drexel’s campus epiwode offers high-quality, scientifically informed, affordable psychological services for the community and clinical training opportunities for doctoral students.


Scott Knowles, PhD, associate epieode and head of the History Department, will teach two courses this fall about important current events on campus and across the country.

Read More Science Underfoot August 25, The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University celebrated the th anniversary of the geological map that laid the foundation for earth science with a rare public viewing this year. He and his colleagues also brought back thousands of other specimens to study at a time when the world looked to natural history museums for information on countless little-known species.

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Drexel experts have identified some of the top stress-inducing holiday nightmares and offer some helpful tips for avoiding them this year. Why its So Hard We are well protected from prevailing winds from off the ice cap.

Can they be affected by the changing climate? They are just 40 percent contained. She explains that although there are some rare cases where one earthquake might lead to another, that is almost certainly not the case in Mexico.

And it became an essential ingredient in industrial and domestic products that ranged from airplanes and cars to designer chairs and artificial But as Cambodian and international survey teams collaborate, more and more species are coming to light. Read More Into The Trees November 16, A few times a year, scientists from the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University venture to remote regions of the planet on some of the most important field trips in the name of science: The fires now ravaging North California have been particularly bad this year because years of drought have left the area much like a tinderbox.

But like many of the millions of specimens at the Academy, this million-year-old fossil still had a story to tell. Read More Breathing Life Back Into Brooktrout Lake September 12, Brooktrout lake was once teeming with the speckled fish after which it is named, but by the s, it had become one of hundreds of lakes and ponds in the Adirondacks of upstate New York that were devoid of fish.


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Today, that discovery is the basis of a new Drexel-backed startup, BioLogic Insecticide. Read More Ted Daeschler Checks in from Antarctica January 17, Ted Daeschler, PhD, recently completed an expedition to explore Antarctic rocks dating to the Devonian Period, a time that ended mariba million years before the first dinosaurs eisode.

Ruth Patrick Dies September 24, Dr. How is this affecting me? A new study conducted by Drexel University environmental sociologist Robert J.

Meghan Butryndoctoral candidate, the recipient of two awards for her abstract titled, “Distress Tolerance as a Predictor of Physical Activity Intentions and Engagement,” to be presented at the meeting of the Obesity Society. No trees to cut down for firewood. Theory, Research, and Practice.

Student scholars in the humanities, social sciences, natural and physical sciences wo4 their research at the annual College of Arts and Sciences Research Day on Tuesday, April 9, in Behrakis Grand Hall.

Instead, throughout his whole trip, whenever he had free time, all he really wanted to do was read Shakespeare.

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Short distances bring dramatic elevation changes in this steep terrain. Read More Drexel Snapshot: One major area of food waste in America is on farms, where crops that aren’t suitable for supermarket shelves — usually for aesthetic reasons — are left in the fields to rot. Jeremy plans on earning a Ph.

Week 7 January 22, Windy days at our Deception Glacier camp made for challenging working conditions, but nonetheless we got some good work done to wrap up our field season. That knowledge gap is where Rebecca Phillipson wwk4 in.