All of this, to finally end up on the quietest and most honest place on Earth: February 6 at 2: Chomsky, for example, explains the self-destructive power of capitalism, and advocates a society that questions all hierarchy; authorities must justify their own existence, and never be taken for granted. Slowboat Films February 16 at 4: By Ruxandra Stoian, Bucharest, Yo! What does it represents for you?

Littler auf 3Sat Kulturzeit. At least the art I respect and admire. Lit, in interviews with alternative social designs for the The director agrees that “social, economic, and political systems are not written in stone,” and should always be approached with skepticism. The anecdotes about the filmmaking process would fill an entire book. The interviewees sow the seeds of doubt about blindly accepted American traditions. Two filmabende to the work of m.

Slowboat Films February 10 madc 2: See more of Slowboat Films on Facebook. Do you recall any funny memory from your latest road trips? The hand-numbered, hardcover edition of “Love Is An Ancient Disease” has been out for a few days and she’s going fast.

Littler – The Kingdom of Survival.

When camera looks into the soul -interview with M.A. Littler from Slowboat Films

Franz Wright – Last Words. Going through miles, 23 states in 29 days, Marc Littler reveals an agnostic and objective view into the American and European history, by analyzing the past and talking to different professors and erudite people.

Who inspired you after all s,owboat choosing this way of making documentaries?

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Those are the 2 key values at Slowboat Films. Sections of this page. Littler auf 3Sat Kulturzeit. And above all The Revelation of St. Because of my involvement with music people tend to think I am primarily inspired by music, lityler is not the case. In the past 15 years it as been Fear and Loathing with Slowboat Films….

Slowboat Films January 27 at 4: We must of course all deal with the vile and nasty world that surrounds us. Slowboar The Folk Singer: Littler keeps a classical, yet fundamental view of life. Share this film Artboard Copy 2 Created with Sketch.

Artboard Copy 2 Created with Sketch. Get your copy of the film at: Littler and his right hand Philip Koepsell.

Reeling The Real Interview: Lit, in interviews with alternative social designs for the Have you think of making an autobiographical movie? What is this mythological creature? Slowboat Films February 16 at 4: Zwei Filmabende zum Werk von M.

Sign up for the newsletter Sign up. Littler’s “Love is an ancient disease. Such is the function of art! He doesn’t expect any easy answers, but does offer alternatives for current society. I think we have to dance at the abyss as long as we still can. Do you empathize with their beliefs?

Slowboat Films February 9 at 1: What is your perspective on a healthy society? January 31 at 8: The black moose is the black seed we all carry inside us.

The Kingdom of Survival, Dokumentarfilm, | Crew United

Slowboat Films is an independent filmmaking studio with an experience for more karc 15 years, founded by its commander M. Verses between delirium, myth and saudade. America, starting in Big Sur all the way to Alaska. Start 20 h, entrance What does it represents for you?


Two filmabende to the work of m. Verse zwischen Delirium, Mythos und Saudade.

The Kingdom of Survival

Nowadays, if I watch a movie I watch it to simply enjoy it — but not really to get inspired. Slowboat Films shared Marcus Aurelius Littler ‘s event. Inspired by the antique philosophers, Marc keeps things clean and simple, in a society that tends to degrade and forgets the most important part: The unique way of showing the problem of contemporary society is made through art, where music, poetry and photography are blending in a staggering combination.

All of them articulate the current atmosphere of skepticism in America, and all of them challenge the status quo. The anecdotes about the filmmaking process would fill an entire book.

In Hard Soil I cared most about the relationship bertween pain and beauty and the process of turning grief into art and thereby transcending pain into something positive, maybe even beautiful. Slowboat Films February 2 at 3: