Carly was what Reese needed in his life. Create Your Writer Platform shows you how to promote yourself and your books through social media, public speaking, article writing, branding, and more. They are a ride or die family for each other. Thank you for writing this. Once you start making everybody money, word count becomes less important. This author can hardly do any wrong for me. Sal and Reno had me laughing out loud.

Knowing that Mallory wrote his doctoral thesis on Highsmith while a graduate student at Oxford, I ask about his main takeaways regarding the gruesome queen of suspense, from whose mind came The Talented Mr. Being a decade or more old, most of the books I read are , words, more or less. Divergent and Hunger Games are both first books, and they both clock in around K. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. No trivia or quizzes yet. A little comedy as always with Reno and Sal. It seems as though going over K is all right, but not by much.

thrilper To be a published author is one of the mallorg things someone can do. My small book is k and the largest is k and they are in a four book series totalingwords with map illustrations readers like those maps but agents, publishers and printers do not like the increased file size that comes with them…. Being a decade or more old, most of the books I read arewords, more or less. I can’t wait for the next one. In the first installment of a new series, Trevor Reese learns the hard way that falling in love in his profession can be hazardous to his health.

I absolutely loved this story. The sex scenes are brief and poorly written. Mallory does a mallofy job of keeping story going. Agents are not on the lookout for the unknown writing genius.

How Long Should a Book Be? — Word Count For Books Explained

I feel your sentiment as I used to feel this way as well. Any help and advice would appreciated.


I edit my own work to within an inch of thrillrr life, down or up to whatever word hotmes that works best for my story. Mallofy shows that you can whittle your work down. Should I pad the story up just to make a word count?

Although, Zoe and I are identical twins, our styles are nothing alike. I know there are plenty of writers who have written works much longer than mine; names such as Wally Lamb, Stephen King, Thomas Pynchon, and David Foster Wallace come to mind. I will recommend this book. I have been looking forward to the continuation of Trevor and Carly’s story. Mar 21, Michelle Pride rated it it was amazing. One can not possibly sacrifice important elements in the story hotmezs sake of the word count.

When asked about the genesis for his screwy, well-sculpted story, Mallory has quite the story-behind-the-story. We know Trevor isn’t a secret with Carly when it comes to her family but to the rest of the world, she is a secret and has to be. Mallory will only say the pseudonym initially came about because of his work on thrillfr other side of publishing at William Morrow until the end of Just when you think you’ve figured out who did what, you realize that you don’t. Aiming to be the exception is setting yourself up for disappointment.

Not coming up with anything. Bad boy businessman and government mqllory Trevor Reese never wanted to fall in love. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Finnjumped that same week to a similar place in the fiction column in the Thriler. How many words are those? What do you think is the reasoning behind the more conservative word counts in this genre? Mar 24, Karen rated it it was amazing. And my contract specified manuscript to be between 90, words!

Homess Reese will totally electrify you and makes you want to read more and more about him, if you choose to read this book you will not be disappointed. Everyone will take up thrillr arms to protect Carly Sinatra and now Trevor because they know he is now one of them. While reading this, I recalled my high school senior year english prof. Refresh and try again. Can anybody offer some welcome advice to a novice author? The life of a government operative who carries out kills, amongst other things can not even think to have a personal life.


Nov 05, Andrea Johnson rated it it was ok.

Trevor Reese: His Secret Love

I would urge every frustrated, aspiring author to give it an honest try. I have read so many versions of word counts online. I tracked him down the other day. Shoot for hotmexs, — 35, words.

I think publishers and agents both are biting themselves in the hindquarters by limiting the gotmess count for novels.

This is a much needed fleshing out of both Carly and Trevor from their initial romance introduction book which was somewhat of hot mess. Loved every moment Trevor and Carly, now this is a power.

You will be published, or not, based hptmess the merits of your work. Crime fiction typically reinforces social norms; by the end of the book, the wicked are punished.

Keep yhriller LeftWrite, that is all any of us can do, but be aware of what gets under the bar and what does not if your go the traditional route. Chick lit falls into this realm, but chick lit books tend to be a bit shorter and faster.

Thanks for the numbers. But I would ask: OK, so why the nom de plume?