Shiv sat with a wall and watches Ganga sleeping. Ulka wants to get the biggest obstacle out of her path. He panics and says she is dead. Arjun tells Saanjh that she knows he cannot keep Maya and maa together. Pratab gets aside to inform his man about this. He thinks of requesting Samrat to return to Patliputra tonight as this place is not safe. They turn around to find Shamsher standing behind. Nattasha calls from behind and says again he will die today.

Ashok says what is all this happening. Ishq Ka Rang Safed. Shiv sat with a wall and watches Ganga sleeping. Chankya wants to know who did they see Raj Vaid last with and when. RK is a forest fire.. The lady who had killed the Raj Vaid overhears it. Dadi Jee says that whenever everyone comes back after an incident then the happiness is awesome.

Trishna wants to be an actress. Madhu longs for Abhay’s attention. Madhubqla follows Ganga noticing she was not fine and saves her from falling down.

Leelawati’s main aim is to torment Madhu. Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi. RV asks how is he so sure. Madhu feels familiar in Abhay’s mansion. Updates On ”Kumkum Bhagya ” Ieri alle He thinks of episdoe Samrat to return to Patliputra tonight as this place is not safe. But she has gets some clue that it was a murder and not an accident.

RV asks Shekhar had he got so many proofs in court, he would have proved that person a murderer in seconds, then why not look Nirupa with that eye.


Daadi stops her and asks where was she. Rajbeer says Natasha it is enough for today and they both walk out via window. Updates On ”Kumkum Episodde ” ha aggiunto 6 nuove foto. They reach the truck. She says she could not see him so happy, so she came back. Ishq Ka Rang Safed. Updates On ”Kumkum Bhagya ” ha aggiunto 14 nuove foto. Padmini reaches on a film set. Updates On ”Kumkum Bhagya ” ha aggiunto 5 nuove foto.

Madhu comes to Ria and says. madhubalaa

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Pam and Ananya doesn’t Like Abhay. She says she will Madhu is relieved seeing RK and hugs him.! Abhi tells the driver to rush to the hospital, King is surprised with his so much concern for Pragya. They all talk and Sarla says that she is maadhubala happy as Prithiv really helped them a lot and he is a very good person, Shrishti says that he can only give o Shiv gets a call from villager who tells him to go towards highway.

He has servants for this. On the other hand, audience is witnessing a lots of hit and miss sequence between RV and Ishani, which He then gets up and sees Natasha not there. He panics and says she is dead. Shakti gets more afraid and runs out of room. He leans on bed and heaars someone crying. Ganga denies going to washroom.


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One person disappeared right in front Ranveer helps the other outside. She says its an honor to work for him. I will decide which madhubwla guards Samrat when. Chanyka asks what are you doing? Even Rajbeer comes there. He says he does not know but someone is there for sure.

RK is a forest fire. Madbubala runs in corridor panicked and clashes with his Pari and younger brother Nitish and shouts someone is in her room.

episove On the other hand RV tightens the security at the hospital to keep Shanaila safe. Chankya wants to know who did they see Raj Vaid last with and when. Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 3, now streaming globally! He cries not to come near him. Dassi is not well as she epispde tensed about Pragya, she says i want to go to see her. Padmini escapes with Trishna.

RK is released n Ria says. He calls his mother Saudamini and tires to hide under bed. She says samrat need papers and pen needed so i brought it.