Whitebeard’s final order leaves his pirates distraught as they leave Marineford for the New World. The three brothers see Naguri off. Since he is a first mate to a Yonko, he presumably possesses a great deal of strength. Near the Sabaody Archipelago, Law and his crew decide to wait for the proper moment to enter the New World. Whitebeard ordered his soldiers to storm the plaza. He continues despite Ace’s protests that he is too large of a target and recalls the time Ace made him a hat that protected him from the weather. As Whitebeard’s forces reach the plaza, Sengoku and Garp prepare to fight them. Law’s submarine barely escapes from Aokiji and Kizaru’s attacks, and Kizaru declares that they will have to give up if that did not kill Luffy.

Ace reveals that not only they have defeated Bluejam, but the fire became too powerful. Luffy encounters more Pacifistas, but Hancock stands in their way to allow him to advance. On Kuraigana Island, Mihawk declines Zoro’s request to train him, but after realizing that Zoro defeated the Humandrills, Mihawk finally decides to teach him. Two weeks later, Luffy wakes up and goes berserk. Blackbeard expresses his desire to sink Marineford into the ocean after destroying the fortress, but Sengoku attacks him, saying that the island is a symbol of justice in the world. Near the Sabaody Archipelago, Law and his crew decide to wait for the proper moment to enter the New World.

There wasn’t any reason to engage Beckman in the first place, unless they were looking for a needless battle. He continues despite Ace’s protests that he is too marinneford of a target and recalls the time Ace made him a hat that protected him from the weather.

Dogra returns from High Town and tells Ace and the others that Sabo has died. Break Through the Encircling Walls! The Nobles’ Plot Closing in on the Brothers! Meanwhile, Entesr hears of Luffy’s recent involvement in Marineford.

Luffy’s attempt at using the Gum-Gum Pistol technique backfires.


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He epjsode that he is a remnant of the old era and that the time has come for a new one to arrive. Departures of Their Own! Chopper eventually flies off with one of the kingdom’s birds and discovers a newspaper, much to his horror.

Elsewhere, the Whitebeard Pirates are having difficulty getting past the Vice-Admirals, and Squard attempts to sneak past, only to encounter someone. Shirohige Kaizoku-dan ” Japanese: The season focuses on Monkey D.

Ace’s Desperate Rescue Operation! Luffy eplsode the Gum-Gum Whip technique on the Marines, allowing him to reach the Ox Bell – ringing it 16 times to signify the end of the war. Views Read Edit View history. On Kamabakka Kingdom, Sanji learns from Ivankov that eating helps his body to become aggressive. During the Battle of Marineford, Beckman prevented Admiral Kizaru from attacking Luffy and Trafalgar Law, telling Kizaru not to move a muscle while aiming his gun at him.

What ONE PIECE episodes are these?

Ace confronts Jimbei to meet Whitebeard since Ace turned down an offer to become a Warlord. Dadan discusses the visit of a certain world noble with Dogra and Magra. Akainu defeats Inazuma and Iva, then chases down Jimbei and punches through his chest, severely injuring both enyers and Luffy. Whitebeard and Ace’s past are shown: Luffy and Toriko defeat the Cocoalas together, rescue their friends and discover that the mountain itself is made of a delicious fruit that was rumored to reside there.

The battle continues as Akainu engages Whitebeard, the allied pirates arrive to help Lufyf pirates, and the Pacifistas arrive to fight them.

The next day, the nobleman has his family search for Sabo. When they go to High Town, the trio disguise themselves, but are discovered. Sabo explains that his dream is to live freely on the sea and vows that they will become pirates. Retrieved February 17, Meanwhile, Bluejam gives the crew a message to Sabo’s father that they have found him.


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On Tequila Wolf, Robin decides to see her friends. The executioners prepare to execute Ace, but Crocodile intervenes, saying he can kill Whitebeard later and he does not want the Marines to win.

Sabo and Ace confront Porchemy. Ace’s death shatters Luffy’s spirit, and he screams in torment. As their faith in him is restored, Whitebeard then jumps into the fray, determined to save Ace even if he dies doing so.

Sengoku is enraged by Blackbeard and the World Government, which doesn’t want to see its reputation being damaged any more and therefore orders to withhold the news that more prisoners from Level 6 have escaped from Impel Down. The next day, Ace receives Sabo’s letter and Luffy gets upset that his friend has died. Meanwhile, in High Town, the citizens are left in horror as it burns down.

Dadan orders her bandits to take Luffy away.

Hancock orders Law’s crew to call the Kuja’s ship and return to Amazon Lily. Blackbeard reveals that the entire reason he wanted to become one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea was to gain access to Impel Down, and that he gained entrance by having Laffitte hypnotize the Marines in control of the Gates of Justice to admit all Marine ships, which also enabled Luffy’s ship to gain entry. Meanwhile, at the Bowin Islands, an overweight Usopp desperately tries to escape and fight despite Heracles’ objections.

The Whitebeard Pirates attempt to flee, but Akainu, having survived Whitebeard’s assault, emerges in front of Jimbei. Sign up using Email and Password.